Graduate Courses at The Edith O'Donnell Institute at UT Dallas

Graduate courses at the O’Donnell Institute draw on our scholars’ broad-ranging areas of specialization, and focus on artworks and other research materials held in Dallas-Fort Worth collections.

Olowe Of Ise (Nigerian, 1875 - 1938), Kneeling female figure with bowl (olumeye) c. 1910–c. 1938, Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., 2004.16.McD. Image courtesy Dallas Museum of Art

Courses at The O’Donnell Institute are taught by respected and insightful faculty in the Dallas area.

Fall 2019 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6310, Topics in Art History: It, She, He: Gender and Identity in Art from Romanticism to the Molecular
    Dr. Charissa N. Terranova
    This seminar explores the ways in which works of art, curatorial practices, and critical theory negotiate and lay bare the ambiguities and multiplicities of gender and identity. The class covers historical ‘isms,’ including romanticism, realism, modernism, and postmodernism, degendering, uncommitted gender, transsexuality, and progressive masculinity in contemporary art, the molecular self in contemporary bioart, and related critical theories of gender and identity.

Summer 2019 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6310, Ancient Art in American Collections
    Dr. Elizabeth Molacek
    This course explores the unique issues surrounding the collecting and display of ancient art, in both public and private collections in the United States. Through a series of case studies, students will learn to read primary source evidence including excavation records, archival sources, and reconcile this information with close examination of archaeological objects.

Spring 2019 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6310, Topics in Art History
    Dr. Mark Rosen
    Master's seminar on a topic related to artistic production of a particular time, place, or movement, or a theme treated across chronology and geography.
    Focus Spring 2019: The Global Baroque

  • AHST 6321, Topics in Global Art Histories
    Dr. Ali Asgar Alibhai
    Master's seminar on a topic related to the global histories of art.
    Focus Spring 2019: Art and Architecture of the Islamic and Mediterranean Worlds

  • AHST 6322, Topics in Data-Driven Art History
    Dr. Maximilian Schich
    Master's seminar on a topic related to the integration of qualitative inquiry and observation with methods of computation, natural science, and information design.
    Focus Spring 2019: From Warburg to Deep Learning

Fall 2018 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6301, Foundations I: Practices of Art History
    Dr. Paul Galvez
    Introduction to historiography and research methods in art history.

  • AHST 6302, Foundations II: History of Materials and Techniques
    Dr. Sarah Kozlowski, at the Dallas Museum of Art
    Introductions to the materials and techniques of artistic production across cultures, with emphasis on close study of artworks held in area collections.

  • AHST 6320, Topics in the History of Collecting
    Rebecca Quinn-Teresi, at the Dallas Museum of Art
    Master’s seminar on a topic related to the history of collection.
    Focus Fall 2018: Early Modern Europe

  • AHST 6323, Topics in the Histories of Art and Science
    Dr. Charissa Terranova
    Master’s seminar on a topic related to intersections of the histories of art and science.
    Focus Fall 2018: Bauhaus