Graduate Courses at The Edith O'Donnell Institute at UT Dallas

Fall 2018 Graduate Courses

AHST 6320, Topics in the History of Collecting: Early Modern Europe

Rebecca Quinn-Teresi, at the Dallas Museum of Art

Master’s seminar on a topic related to the history of collection.

This seminar examines patronage and collecting at the early modern European court (c. 1400-1700), where often in the same space wonders of art were displayed alongside wonders of nature and science. The course explores the period’s distinct priorities that shaped these fascinating collections, formed through commission, direct acquisition, and gift-giving, as well as investigates the sociocultural dimensions of conspicuous courtly consumption.

Course meets at the O’Donnell Institute’s Research Center at the Dallas Museum of Art and will include visits to area collections. Students must provide their own transportation.