Fellows and Visiting Researchers at The Edith O'Donnell Institute at UT Dallas

Visiting ISAAC Senior Research Fellow (Fall 2018)

Dr. Hansong Dan
School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University
American Literature

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Paul Galvez
Nineteenth-century French painting; contemporary art

Elpida Vouitsis 
Nineteenth-century art; art historical translation

Visiting ISAAC Research Fellows

Ting Zhang
The Art Institute of Nanjing University
American Art

Dr. Weiyi Wu
The Art Institute of Nanjing University
American Art

Edith O’Donnell Graduate Fellows, 2018-2019

Madhavi Biswas
Globalization and New Bollywood Cinema

Virginia Curry (Fall 2018)
“Causarum Cognitio”: The Architecture, Collections and Social Agency of American Athenaea
Three Case Studies: Redwood, Boston and Caltech

Jacquelyn Delin
Modeling Fame, a Closer Look at the Work of Sculptor Elisabet Ney

Rebecca Quinn Teresi
(Johns Hopkins University)
Images of the Immaculate Conception and the Rhetorics of Purity in Golden Age Spain

Fatemeh Tashakori
Reverse Orientalism: The Westerner as the Eroticized Other in Persian Arts since the 17th Century

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