Fellows and Visiting Researchers at The Edith O'Donnell Institute at UT Dallas

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Visiting Research Professor

Suzanne Preston-Blier
Harvard University
African Art

Senior Research Fellow (Fall 2017)

Zhou Xian
The Art Institute of Nanjing University

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Paul Galvez
Nineteenth-century French painting; contemporary art

Elpida Vouitsis 
Nineteenth-century art; art historical translation

Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Gao Xin
The Art Institute of Nanjing University
American Art

Liu Yi
The Art Institute of Nanjing University
American Art

Visiting Scholar (Fall 2017)

Weili Zheng
Nanjing University Press

Edith O’Donnell Graduate Fellows, 2017-2018

Jacob Crawford
UT Dallas
Playing with Publishing: The Performance of Early Modern English Play Book Title Pages

Virginia Curry
UT Dallas
“Causarum Cognitio”: The Architecture, Collections and Social Agency of American Athenaea
Three Case Studies: Redwood, Boston and Caltech

Brianni Nelson
UT Dallas
You’re Just Being Sensitive: Blurred Lines of Race Humor in New Media

Leslie Reid
UT Dallas (Fall 2017)
Abu Dhabi, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Shigaraki: A Comparative Analysis of the Modernist Architecture of Five Universal Art Museums

Aditi Samarth
UT Dallas
The Survival of Hindu Cremation Myths and Rituals in 21st-Century Practice: Three Contemporary Case Studies

Fatemeh Tashakori
UT Dallas
Reverse Orientalism: The Westerner as the Eroticized Other in Persian Arts since the 17th Century

Edleeca Thompson
UT Dallas
African Art on View: Mediating Transnational Histories in Four Metropolitan Museums

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