Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiatives for the Division of Student Affairs

  1. Foster an inclusive environment where all individuals are valued and engaged.
  2. Equip staff with the education and development necessary to achieve excellence in services and programs.
  3. Utilize assessment and evaluation to enhance quality and accountability.
  4. Engage and empower students through learning and development opportunities.
  5. Communicate the purpose and value of Student Affairs and its impact on student success.
  6. Engage internal and external stakeholders in strategic partnerships to enhance and promote a holistic student experience.
  7. Provide quality facilities and utilize technology to enhance and improve delivery of programs and services.

In response to the UT Dallas strategic plan, Creating the Future, the division of Student Affairs initiated a strategic planning process that involved conversations with all units in the division. Each unit was asked to project a plan that reflected what the unit will look like in ten years and what steps will need to be taken to get there. Unit plans were then compiled into this comprehensive division-wide plan.

Student Affairs serves a critical role in ensuring the education of the whole student and achieving the academic mission of the institution. The UT Dallas division of Student Affairs is committed to achieving this critical, educational role and to providing a wide array of operationally efficient programs and services that support students’ academic endeavors, their personal growth and development and their quality of life. The division includes the following services and programs:

Student Affairs administrative services are provided through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. These services include budget forecasting and management, strategic planning, assessment, web and marketing services, new program development, grant writing, staff development and personnel planning and oversight.

Student Affairs departments are currently housed in the Student Union, the Activity Center, University Village apartments and residence halls, and the Student Services Building.

Primary funding for Student Affairs services, programs and buildings is currently generated by:

  • Athletic Program Fee
  • Housing revenues
  • International Student Special Services Fee
  • Medical Services Fee
  • Recreation Facility Fee
  • Student Union Fee
  • Student Services Building Fee
  • Student Services Fee

Other funding sources include a variety of grants, gifts, sponsorships and program-specific user fees. The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and its administrative functions, the Career Center internship program, Judicial Affairs, and Student AccessAbility are funded through state and designated tuition allocations.

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