1. Dr. Feng Luo

    Summer 2004
    Dissertation Title : Mining Gene Microarray Expression Profiles
    Employment: Associate Professor,Clemson University (since January 2006)

  2. Dr. Mamoun Awad

    Fall 2005
    Dissertation Title : Effective Data Mining for Intrusion Detection and WWW Prediction
    Employment: Associate Professor, United Arab Emirates University (since Sept. 2006)

  3. Dr. Lei Wang
    Fall 2006
    Dissertation Title : Image Annotation and Classification
    Employment: Microsoft at Redmond, Washington, USA

  4. Dr. Mohammad Masud
    Fall 2009
    Dissertation Title : Adaptive Classification of Scarcely Labeled and Evolving Data Streams
    Employment: Assistant Professor, United Arab Emirates University
  5. no image
    Dr. Qing Chen
    Fall 2010
    Dissertation Title : Data Stream Classifcation Techniques for Multiple Novel Classes and Dynamic Feature Spaces
    Employment: Software Development Director, China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), Richfit IT LLC, Beijing, China.

  6. Dr. Arshad Ul Abedin (co-Advised with Dr. Vincent Ng.)
    Spring 2011
    Dissertation Title : Automatic Cause Identification From Aviation Safety Incident Reports
    Employment: Member of Technical Staff, BloomReach, Inc., Mountain View, California

  7. Dr. Mohmmmad Farhan Husain
    (co-advised; PhD. Spring 2011)
    Dissertation Title : Data Intensive Query Processing for Semantic Web Data Using Hadoop and MapReduce
    Employment: Amazon, Seattle, Washington, USA.

  8. Dr. Sunitha Ramanujam
    (co-advised; PhD. Fall 2011)
    Dissertation Title : Toward An Integrated Semantic Web: Interoperability Between Data Models

  9. Dr. James McGlothlin
    (PhD. Fall 2011)
    Dissertation Title : Efficient Semantic Web Knowledge Management;
    Employment:Fusion Consulting, Texas, December 2011

  10. Dr. Jeffrey L Partyka
    (co-advised; PhD. Fall 2011)
    Dissertation Title :Learning-based Geospatial Schema Matching Guided by External Knowledge
    Employment:Raytheon (Research), January 2012

  11. Dr. Tahseen Al-khateeb
    (PhD. Spring 2012)
    Dissertation Title :An Effective Evolving Data Stream Classification
    Employment:Marketo Inc, San Francisco, California, May 2012

  12. Dr. Neda Alipanah
    (co-advised; PhD. Spring 2012)
    Dissertation Title :Federated Query Processing Using Ontology Structure and Ranking in a Service Oriented Environment
    Employment: Post-Doctoral Reseacher, Biomedical Informatics, University of California, San Diego, June 2012

  13. Dr. Salim Ahmed
    (PhD. Summer 2012)
    Jonsson School Distinguished Assistantship Scholar (Intern at Siemens)
    Employment: Member of Technical Staff, BloomReach, Inc., Mountain View, California
  14. no image
    Satyen Abrol
    (PhD. May 2013)
    Employment: Vmware, San Hose, CA
  15. no image
    Brandon Parker
    (PhD. Fall 2014)
    Dissertation Title :Sluicebox: Semi-Supervised Learning for Labeled Prediction With Concept Evolution and Tracking in Non-Stationary Data Streams
    Employment: L3Communications
  1. Justin Sahs
  2. Ahsanul Haque
  3. Khaled Al-Naami
  4. Ahmad M Mustafa
  5. Ridwanur Rahman
  6. Mohammed Iftekhar
  7. M. Solaimani
  1. Korosh Golnabi,
    (" Get-Doc " Student), Summer 2005
    Title of Thesis : Updated Firewall Policy Rules using Association Rule Mining (UFARM)
  2. Ahmed Bashir,
    Spring 2004
    Title of Thesis : A Framework for Image Annotation using the Semantic Web.
  3. Manish Gupta,
    Fall 2002
    Title of Thesis : A Distributed For Handling Location Dependent Continuous Queries in Mobile Environment.
    Employment: Shell, Houston, Tx.
  4. Mohammad Mirza,
    Spring 2002
    Title of Thesis : Data Management in a Disaster Relief Scenario Using Bluetooth.
    Employment: Verizon
  5. Casey Breen,
    Fall 2002
    Employment: Innovative Managed Care Systems, Dallas, TX
  6. Arun Ponnusamy,
    Spring 2003
    Employment: Credit Suisse First Boston.
  7. Yan Rao,
    Spring 2002
    Employment: American Airlines, Dallas, TX.
  8. Greg Hellings,
    Summer 2009
    Employment: Startup at Southlake, TX.
  9. Rajesh Bhairampally,
    Spring 2002
    Employment: PetroTel, Inc., Plano, Texas
  10. Jason Switzer,
    Title of Thesis :Semi-supervised Subjectivity Classification and application to Jargon Heavy Corpora
  11. Nilesh Singhania
  12. Sonia Chib
  13. Anubha Gupta
    Employment:Research in Motion (RIM)
  14. Hannan Abdullah
    Employment:Texas Instruments (TI), Dallas, Texas
  1. David B Sounthiraraj
  2. Sheikh Qumruzzaman
  3. Varun Hariharan
  4. Zoheb Khan
  1. Ryan A Watts,Summer 2007
  2. Shoel Sheikh, Summer 2009
  3. Adam Stutsman, Summer 2010
  4. Zackary Weger, Summer 2011
  5. William Szendrey, Summer 2012
  6. Jeffrey Chang, Summer 2012
  1. Mohammad Bayan,
    Summer 2003
    Honors thesis satisfies requirements for the highest two levels of University Honors, summa cum laude and magna cum laude.