CS 4349.004.18F — Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis

Fall 2018
Mondays and Wednesdays 1:00pm–2:15pm
Location: ECSS 2.306

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Kyle Fox
Office: ECSS 4.224
Phone: (972) 883-4168
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Mondays 2:30pm–3:30pm and Tuesdays 2:00pm–3:00pm
Homepage: https://utdallas.edu/~kyle.fox/

Teaching Assistant:

Somayeh Mohammadpour
Office: ECSS 2.103B1
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Thursdays 4:00pm–6:00pm


Highly Recommended Lecture Notes: Jeff Erickson: Algorithms, Etc.
"Required" Textbook: Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein: Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition. MIT Press 2009 (CLRS)

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Schedule and Homework

The schedule below will be updated with new subjects and recommended readings throughout the semester. Exact topics discussed in each lecture may change.
Date Subject/Event Reading Notes
Mon, Aug. 20th What is/is not an algorithm, describing algorithms, administrivia Erickson 0; CLRS 2–2.2
Wed, Aug. 22nd Proof by induction Erickson I
Mon, Aug. 27th Analyzing running time, asymptotic analysis, important functions Lecture notes; CLRS 3 Prerequisite form due; Homework 1 assigned (LaTeX solutions template)
Wed, Aug. 29th Recursion, Tower of Hanoi, Mergesort, divide-and-conquer Erickson 1–1.6 ; CLRS 2.3, 4.0
Mon, Sept. 3rd No class; university closed for Labor Day
Wed, Sept. 5th Solving divide-and-conquer recurrences using recursion trees, Karastuba multiplication Erickson 1.7, 1.9 ; CLRS 4 Homework 1 due (solutions); Homework 2 assigned
Mon, Sept. 10th More divide-and-conquer, Quicksort, linear time selection Erickson 1.5, 1.8 ; CLRS 7–7.2, 7.4.1; 9.0, 9.3
Wed, Sept. 12th Backtracking, n queens, game trees, string segmentation Erickson 2 Homework 2 due (solutions); Homework 3 assigned
Mon, Sept. 17th Dynamic programming, Fibonacci numbers, faster string segmentation Erickson 3.1–3.5 ; CLRS 15–15.1, 15.3–15.4
Wed, Sept. 19th Sequence dynamic programming, edit distance, greed is bad Erickson 3.5–3.9 ; CLRS 15.4 Homework 3 due (solutions); Homework 4 assigned
Mon, Sept. 24th Dynamic programming with more interesting memoization, longest increasing subsequence, maximum independent set in trees Erickson 3.6–3.10 ; CLRS 15.2, 15.5
Wed, Sept. 26th Greedy algorithms, class scheduling, Huffman codes Erickson 7 ; CLRS 16–16.3 Homework 4 due (solutions)
Mon, Oct. 1st Midterm review Problems from previous homework assignments, lecture notes, or the textbook
Wed, Oct. 3rd Midterm Exam: 1:00pm to 2:15pm in ECSS 2.306; questions, solutions
Mon, Oct. 8th Graph basics, representations, data structures, whatever-first-search Erickson 5 ; CLRS 22–22.2
Wed, Oct. 10th Whatever-first-search analysis, counting and labeling components, graph reductions, flood fill Erickson 5 ; CLRS 22–22.2 Homework 5 assigned
Mon, Oct. 15th Midterm debrief, midterm instructor feedback Midterm questions and solutions
Wed, Oct. 17th Depth-first search, detecting cycles, topological sort Erickson 6 ; CLRS 22.3–22.4 Homework 5 due (solutions); Homework R assigned
Mon, Oct. 22nd Topological sort, minimum spanning trees, Borůvka's algorithm Erickson 6 , 7 ; CLRS 22.4, 23
Wed, Oct. 24th minimum spanning trees continued, the Prim–Jarník algorithm, Kruskal's algorithm, single source shortest path properties (algorithms next week) Erickson 7 , 8 ; CLRS 23, 24 Homework R due (solutions); Homework 6 assigned
Mon, Oct. 29th Shortest paths, Dijkstra's algorithm, Bellman-Ford-Moore-Shimbel Erickson 8 ; CLRS 24
Wed, Oct. 31st Single source shortest paths via Bellman-Ford-Moore-Shimbel, all-pairs shortest paths, Floyd-Warshall Erickson 8 , 9 ; CLRS 24, 25 Homework 6 due (solutions); Homework 7 assigned
Mon, Nov. 5th Floyd-Warshall all-pairs shortest paths, maximum flow, minimum cut Erickson 9 , 10–10.3 ; CLRS 25, 26–26.2
Wed, Nov. 7th Maxflow-mincut theorem, maximum flow and minimum cut algorithms Erickson 10.3–10.8 ; CLRS 26.2 Homework 7 due (solutions); Homework 8 assigned
Mon, Nov. 12th Edmonds-Karp shortest augmenting paths, flow and cut applications, edge-disjoint paths, maximum matching, exam scheduling Erickson 10.7–10.8 , 11 ; CLRS 26.2–26.3
Wed, Nov. 14th NP-hardness, CircuitSAT, P versus NP, Cook-Levin theorem, SAT, 3-SAT Erickson 15.1–15.3, 15.5–15.6 ; CLRS 34–34.4.'Formula satisfiability' Homework 8 due (solutions)
Mon, Nov. 19th No class; university closed for Fall break
Wed, Nov. 21st No class; university closed for Fall break
Mon, Nov. 26 NP-hardness, MaxIndSet, MaxClique, MinVertexCover, 3Color Erickson 15.6–15.9 ; CLRS 34.4–34.5.3 Homework 9 assigned
Wed, Nov. 28th Approximation algorithms, load balancing, vertex cover Erickson 31.1–31.5 ; CLRS 35–35.1
Mon, Dec. 3rd Review Everything(?)
Wed, Dec. 5th More review Problems from past homeworks, the lecture notes, and the textbook. Homework 9 due by 1:15pm (solutions)
Wed, Dec. 12th Final Exam: 2:00pm to 4:45pm in ECSS 2.306; questions, solutions