John Zweck

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The University of Texas at Dallas
Department of Mathematical Sciences, FO 35
800 West Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75080-3021

Office: FO 3.704J
Phone: (972) 883 6699

zweck 'at' utdallas 'dot' edu

Ph. D., Mathematics, Rice University, 1993
B.Sc. (Honours), Mathematical Sciences, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1988

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UTD Computational Science Seminar

How is the Inmarsat Engineering team deducing the flight path of MH370?

Here are slides of a Talk I gave on MH370 with Graphics and Animations by Yanping Chen [31.5 MB file]. See animations on pages 24, 26, 42, 43, and simulations explaining the Inmarsat Doppler shift analysis on pages 45-50. You may need Adobe Acro Reader to view the animations.

Here is a draft of an article (dated April 7) I am writing that attempts to explain some of the mathematics that the Inmarsat engineering team is using to deduce the flight path of the MH370. This article will appear in the May edition of SIAM News. It contains no equations, so as to improve the chances it can be understood by a lay audience.

Also, see a story by NBC Science Writer Alan Boyle that is based on an interview he did with me. The article very nicely explains in layman's terms how the Inmarsat engineers deduced the flight path of MH370. Graphics and animations that illustrate the ideas in this interview are in the talk slides above.



I have broad interests in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computation and Engineering Applications and often collaborate with experimentalists. I enjoy doing research with graduate and undergraduate students.

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