GWC Initiatives

Women's Center Initiatives

SAWS - Support and Advancement of Women in STEM

    STEM Scholarships - In partnership with the Office of Community Engagement (DCE) and industry partners, the Women's Center awards women studying in STEM disciplines who have a record of academic excellence, show significant financial need, and actively demonstrates leadership to enhance the success of women. This scholarship can be used to cover education related expenses including tuition, fees and housing.

LEAP - LGBTQ Engagement, Advocacy and Programming

  • The LEAP Committee - To achieve the holistic integration of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer policies, programming and awareness into the academic culture on UTD campus. We focus specifically on items related to education, awareness and advocacy, student/faculty recruitment and retention and to the overall level of equity and inclusion on campus for LGBTQ individuals.

  • Safe Zone Ally Training - The Galerstein Women's Center helps create leadership by making the first step toward gender and sexual identity equality. Safe Zone Ally Training is education for UTD students, faculty, staff and community to create a university-wide network of visible allies who are willing to offer a supportive and inclusive environment to all people.

GESA (Gender Education, Support and Awareness): Dialogues across workplace, study space and community

  • Gender Studies Lecture Series - Developed in collaboration with the Gender Studies Program in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, the series focuses on topics related to gender equality, the glass ceiling, women's health and wellness, balancing work and family, workplace climate, media representation and scholarly research.

  • Industry Connections Series - To provide women from UT Dallas and industry professionals networking dialogues that span the workplace and study space. Participants have an opportunity to discuss, support and engage in interactive presentations and sharing best practices for women in leadership roles.