Gender Lectures

Gender Studies Lecture Series

The Gender Studies Lecture Series developed in collaboration with the GWC and the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Gender Studies Program.  It promotes dialogue on various topics related to gender equality, sexuality, and psycho-social issues. National speakers are invited to UT Dallas to share their knowledge with campus and community members and inspire enlightening discussion.

Fall 2012 Gender Studies Lecture Series

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gender Studies Courses

The University of Texas at Dallas offers a wide selection of gender-related courses for degree-seeking students. Please click the link below to see Gender-Related Courses for Fall 2012.

Fall 2012 Gender-Related Courses

In addition to these courses, there are two other gender-related courses being offered under EMAC - Emerging Media and Communications in Fall 2012.

The graduate course is EMAC 6381 - Special Topics in Emergent Communication. The undergraduate course is EMAC 3328 - Embodied Identity in Digital Society. Please see below for the description which applies to both courses.

"danah boyd writes, "profile generation is an explicit act of writing oneself into being in a digital environment, and participants must determine how they want to present themselves to those who may view their self-representation or those who they wish might" (2010). However, we cannot ignore that the act of writing oneself is always connected to a gendered, raced, classed body that desires. In this instance of EMAC 3328, we will begin with foundational theories of embodied identity and seek understanding of the complex ways in which privilege, bias, race, class, gender, and sexuality shape, and are shaped by, digital society. We will connect theory to social networking practices and sites, online communities, mobile applications, games, hardware, and other instances of emerging media. Students are expected to thoughtfully engage with their own identities and privilege, as well as contribute to a respectful environment in which their peers may do the same."


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