Service Hours

Proof of Service Hours

UT Dallas students needing proof of service hours for a class, organization, court order, etc., may choose to request authorization for the service they have completed. The Office of Student Volunteerism is happy to approve service hours for students that participate in OSV service events. Students may request approval through OrgSync:

  1. Log in to OrgSync and join the Office of Student Volunteerism's page by clicking the "Join" button in the top right corner of the Office of Student Volunteerism's page.
  2. Submit a timesheet by using the Involvement function on OrgSync. OSV will approve hours after the student has volunteered/participated at an OSV event. For a walk-through on how to submit a volunteer record using the Involvement function, please click here. The student must choose the "Office of Student Volunteerism" from their list of OrgSync organizations so that the OSV can view the hours submitted. Please add the appropriate staff member’s name to the “Reference Name” field and use [email protected] as the reference email.

Alternatively, students may also bring a form provided by a professor, judge, organization, etc. to a volunteer event or OSV office (SSA 14.431T) to be signed and authorized.

Please note that the OSV is not responsible for providing proof of service hours. It is the student's responsibility to provide documentation to whom it may concern. OSV can only authorize hours for OSV events; consequently, we cannot authorize hours earned from outside agencies, student organizations or other UT Dallas departments. Students that serve outside of the OSV will need to confirm their hours with the agency, student organization, or department that hosted the specific event or service project.


OSV events are approved by the Office of Undergraduate Education's VolunTIER program. To receive credit for your service, undergraduate students must submit a timesheet via OrgSync as specified above. For more information about VolunTIER, please see the VolunTIER website:

President's Volunteer Service Award

Want to keep a personal record of your volunteer hours and have your committment to service recognized by the President of the United States? You can by tracking your hours through the President's Volunteer Service Award!

Contact The Department of Diversity & Community Engagement for more information or assistance in creating your account.

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UT Dallas Required Forms

When volunteering off-campus through the Office of Student Volunteerism, each participant must submit the following forms:

  1. Release and Indemnification Form
  2. Talent Release Form
  3. Responsibilities of Participants Form
  4. Medical Information and Release Form

Other forms may be required by certain community partners/agencies. These forms will be emailed to you upon registration for an OSV event.

“As a student, I should devote my time and effort to help as many people as I can. So, I cherish every opportunity to help others.”
— Jiahui Lu, ASB Participant