When volunteering through the Office of Student Volunteerism (OSV), each participant must submit the following forms:

  1. Release and Indemnification Form
  2. Talent Release Form
  3. Responsibilities of Participants Form
  4. Medical Information and Release Form

Other forms may be required by certain community partners/agencies. These forms will be emailed to you upon registration for an OSV event.

“Volunteering provides the opportunity to reflect on the experiences of others, while putting your own into perspective. By giving back to the community, you open avenues towards knowledge about various social issues and how to address them. The impact on the people you help makes it all worthwhile.”

— Nabila Alam, former OSV Leader

student volunteers

Track Your Volunteer Hours

Want to keep track of your volunteer hours? Use the President's Volunteer Service Awards!

Contact The Department of Community Engagement for more information or assistance in creating your account.