Certification Preparation

Secondary Math and Science Teacher Certifications Supported

UTeach Dallas offers complete preparation for several different teaching certifications at both high school and middle school levels. All students must  take a set of Professional Development courses in addition to content courses for their area of certification.

High School Teacher Certification Preparation (grades 8-12)

• Mathematics (to teach math only)

Certification plan: MATH_8-12

• Science (to teach any of biology, chemistry, physics or geology)

Certification plans:  SCIENCE_BA_8-12 or   SCIENCE_BS_8-12

• Life Sciences (to teach biology and other life science courses only)

Certification plans:  LIFE SCIENCE_BIOL_BA_8-12 or   LIFE SCIENCE_BIOL_BS_8-12

• Chemistry (to teach chemistry only)

Certification plans:  CHEM_BA_8-12 or  CHEM_BS_8-12

• Physical Science (to teach chemistry and physics only)

Certification plan:  PHY SCI_BA_8-12 or PHY SCI_BS_8-12

Middle School Teacher Preparation for Certification (grades 4-8)

• Mathematics (to teach any middle school math only)

Certification plan: MATH_4-8

• Science (to teach any of middle school science including biology, chemistry, physics or geology)

Certification plan: SCIENCE_4-8