1st Place BE Team Winner – Spring 15 Expo – Viable Wearable Sensor to Record and Report Exercise Based Movements – sponsored by UT Southwestern
Catheter Threading and Spinal Injection Simulator Project
1st Place ME Team Winner – Spring 15 Expo – Chemically Immersed Tensile Tester – sponsored by Emerson Process Management
Working on the Electronic Tweezers project
Best Multidisciplinary Project – Compatible Endoscope for Intracavitary Tissue Ablation Using HIFU – sponsored by UT Southwestern
1st Place CS Team Winner – Spring 15 Expo – FitTime – sponsored by Martino Ventures


The Summer 2015 UTDesign Expo is coming up soon!

More info here

Congratulations to the UTDesign Expo winning teams of Spring 2015.

See the winners here.



Do you want access to the studio?

To access the open lab area of the UTDesign studio students need (only mandatory for all BMEN, ME and EE/CE/TE senior design students)

  1. To complete two safety online training. Follow this link and complete the PPE course and General Safety Orientation course.
  2. To complete and submit the Studio Guidelines Acknowledgement Form (one form per team).


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