First-Year Leaders

Greg Slagel
Senior from Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Major: Arts and Technology

Why did you decide to attend UT Dallas?
They had a better CS program and I was a CS major at the time. I was originally at OSU.

What do you like about UT Dallas?

The variety of people and the challenge presented in classes.

List some clubs and organizations you are or have been involved in at UT Dallas.

The Undergraduate Dean’s Advisory Council (UDAC), The FYL program, UTD Rugby, Pride at UTD, Onomatopoeia, The ATEC Animation Guild, The UTD Mentoring Program (starting in fall 2012)

What has been your favorite/best experience at UT Dallas so far?

Directing an animated short (15 person team) called Bird in a Cage.

What did you learn about college life that you didn’t know before?

I learned that not everyone lives on campus in the dorms. I currently live off campus and it is a different college experience than I was expecting.

What do you like to do to unwind after class?

Party with friends on the weekend, play video games, and watch movies.

Why did you decide to become a First Year Leader (FYL)?

Because I wanted to give new students the advice and knowledge that I wished I had gotten my freshman year and because I wanted to give back to the university.

Is there anything you wish you did during your freshman year that you didn’t?

I wish I had learned more about my study habits and paid closer attention to what work made me happy. I spent the first 3 semesters in college as a computer science major.

What advice do you have for the incoming freshman class?

If you’re not enjoying your classes then figure out what is making you unhappy. If you pick a profession that makes you happy then your work becomes more enjoyable.


Updated: September 6, 2012