Guaranteed Tuition Plan
The Guaranteed Tuition Plan is designed to help students and their families better plan for the cost of a college education, while allowing the University to maintain the quality of its academic programs.
Lock in Your Tuition
View the tuition and fee schedule for guaranteed tuition rates. The UT Dallas Guaranteed Tuition Plan promises to lock your tuition rate and mandatory fees for the four-year period beginning with your registration. Tuition is charged on an hourly rate up to 15 hours for Texas residents.

Enroll for Summer 2016 and use the fixed tuition rate for Fall 2015, a rate that is good for 12 consecutive semesters including summers. The Guaranteed Tuition Plan offers these advantages:
  • Families can better plan for the cost of education.
  • Students have an incentive to graduate on time. Additional courses taken beyond 15 credit hours are essentially free for in-state students.
  • Transfer students can take advantage of the guaranteed tuition lock through the Comet Connection.
It also provides an incentive for students to earn a degree in a timely manner, since additional courses taken beyond 15 credit hours each semester will, in essence, be free to in-state students. Charges per semester credit hour for tuition and mandatory fees at UT Dallas depend on the number of hours for which a student enrolls up to 15. Non-resident students from out of state pay a differential rate per credit hour. Other non-mandatory fees including, for example, parking and housing fees, will be subject to change.
The Comet Connection
Those who begin their college careers at a community college will also be able to take advantage of UT Dallas' Guaranteed Tuition Plan under a program called the Comet Connection. Every two-year college in Texas, both public and private, participates in the Comet Connection.
For More Information
Students need to contact the Office of Admission and Enrollment at 972-883-2270 or visit the Comet Connection website for more information. UT Dallas is one of a handful of public universities in the U.S. and two in the University of Texas System that offer students fixed tuition and mandatory fees.
Other Information