The UT Dallas Education Research Center operates a visitor lab with seating for nine concurrent visiting researchers. The Education Research Center facility is access-controlled, and external researchers are assigned an access card for the duration of each visit upon check-in. During periods of excess demand, it may be possible to accommodate additional visitors in our internal lab seating, space permitting. It is extremely unusual for researchers to experience any difficulty scheduling desired times for visits to the ERC.

Computing Environment

All research at the Education Research Center is performed on our Education Research Center server, which is accessed via IGEL thin clients from the secure education research center lab areas. The network by which the clients connect to the server is sequestered, and does not provide access to the internet. Visitors are invited to bring personal devices for general use requiring access to the internet while visiting the Education Research Center, and will be able to access the guest wireless network at UT Dallas.

The characteristics of the ERC research server environment are as follows:

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