Texas Schools Project has been conducting and facilitating high-quality education research since 1992. Its founder, John F. Kain, was one of the first researchers to ascertain that important, longitudinal research could be conducted using Texas’ extensive collection of administrative data, which had been collected through PIEMS, Texas’ Public Education Information Management System, starting in 1990.

Since 1992, Texas Schools Project researchers have used this valuable data to investigate a myriad of topics that are important to local, state and federal education policy discussions. Our research expertise spans from early childhood education through college remediation and beyond. The depth and breadth of inquiry possible with this data is demonstrated in our extensive listing of Research Areas.

From a collaborative perspective, the Texas Schools Project is a National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (CALDER) partner. Through CALDER, researchers in select states analyze data on individual students and teachers over time to inform education policy development. By capitalizing on such rich longitudinal data, CALDER partners can work together to explore a breadth of critical education issues and present research advancements of the highest quality to policymakers.

Listings of publications and working papers are available, sorted alphabetically by author last name.

If you are interested in conducting research with Education Research Center data, please visit The University of Texas at Dallas Education Research Center’s Conducting Research page.