Smiling teacher stands at front of classroom holding a marker.
Two elementary students at a table using crayons.
UTD student in class gestures while speaking to classmates.

Texas Schools Project supports and conducts high-quality academic research to improve academic achievement and teacher effectiveness, increase transitions to and success in postsecondary education, and improve labor market outcomes of students in Texas and the nation.

UT Dallas Education Research Center

The UT Dallas Education Research Center facilitates research to benefit education in Texas by providing approved researchers access to individual-level administrative data through the state of Texas Education Research Center program.

Kain Center

The John F. Kain Center for Research on Education Policy focuses on the study of education policy using methods of empirical research.

Kain Center scholars hold a long and distinguished track record of producing important, policy-relevant research published in top economics, public policy and education journals, and possess substantial experience working with Texas administrative data on topics relevant to education in Texas.