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Student Wellness Center
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Roommate Etiquette

  • Clean up after yourself: Keeping your room neat will not only keep the peace between you and your roommate, but it will also offer a better living environment for yourself. You will study and rest better is a clean room. Keep your laundry picked up, take out the trash, and make your bed.
  • When your roommate needs quiet, be quiet: When your roommate is studying, go to your friend's room to chat. If you want to listen to music and your roommate is studying, use headphones. If you respect their quiet time, they will respect yours.
  • Never wake up your roommate: Sleep is very valuable to college students, so don't be the reason your roommate doesn't get enough. Be quite when you are coming in late at night, and respect the need to nap.
  • Don't use your roommate's stuff without permission: Anything belonging to your roommate should not be touched without permission, including food. Also, snooping through your roommate's things is a blatant sign of disrespect and should be avoided.
  • Be reasonable about visitors: You are allowed to have friends come to your room, but be sure that you are not monopolizing the room. If a friend is going to stay the night, be sure to pass it by your roommate first. It is important that your visitors are respectful of your roommate and their belongings. At the same time, be respectful to your roommate's visitors.
  • Be respectful about visits from "special" friends: Visits from boyfriends and girlfriends can cause serious roommate conflicts. Never invite your date to sleep over unless you are sure it's okay with your roommate. Be sure not to abuse overnight visits. Being physical with your partner is a very personal and private matter. Make sure that your roommate is never uncomfortable due to your sexual choices.
  • Don't do anything that will make your roommate uncomfortable: Your roommate's comfort level can possibly differ from your comfort level. Encourage each other to discuss things that make you uncomfortable and avoid those behaviors. These behaviors can range from hygiene practices to drug and alcohol use.
  • Never gossip about your roommate: Chances are that what you say about your roommate will make it back to them. This can make your living situation extremely uncomfortable and could cause some backlash from your roommate. Avoiding gossip can help you avoid unnecessary tension between you and your roommate.