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Math 2417 (Calculus I) from Spring 2010

For a head start or as a refresher of the first year calculus at UTD, check out these video reviews from the Spring 2010 semester, by Patrick Bourque.
(Windows Media Player required):

Exam I Review (video) of the following:
  • Epsilon-Delta definition of limit
  • Finding a suitable delta for linear and quadratic polynomials
  • Finding the limit of a function (multiplying by a conjugate, rational functions, special limits involving sine and cosine, using trigonometric identities)
  • Finding vertical asymptotes
  • Definition of continuity and finding removable and non-removable discontinuities of a (piecewise) function
  • Using the limit definition of derivative to compute the derivative of a function or to show that the derivative does not exist
  • The product, quotient, and chain rule for derivatives
  • Verifying that a function satisfies a differential equation
  • Implicit differentiation & related rates
Exam II Review (video) of the following:
  • Using the first derivative to find intervals on which a function is increasing or decreasing
  • Using the second derivative to find points of inflection and test for concavity
  • Finding critical numbers and absolute extrema of a continuous function on a closed and bounded interval
  • Finding the limit of a function as the argument of the function goes to positive or negative infinity
  • Optimizing distance, area, and volume (with a constraint)
  • Approximating the value, change , or percent change in the value of a function
  • Basic integration
Exam III Review (video) of the following:
  • Differentiation of various functions, including inverse trig functions
  • The use of the properties of logarithms in differentiation
  • The Texas Chain Rule Massacre
  • Integration using substitution (change of variable)
  • Special integrals which yield inverse trig functions as anti-derivatives
  • Integration of combinations of trigonometric functions
  • Integration involving completing the square
  • Integration by parts
  • And many more tasty morsels of calculus


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