So, you would like to be a tutor in the Math Lab


  • Proficiency in algebra, trigonometry, integral and differential calculus (one through several variables), and linear algebra.
  • Completion of a college level calculus sequence (with trigonometry), and a linear algebra course.
  • Ability to clearly communicate and thoroughly explain familiar and new concepts to students of varying academic backgrounds and levels of mathematical maturity.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Enthusiasm for trying and learning new things.
  • Maturity, mathematical or otherwise.
  • Special consideration is given to candidates who have knowledge of physics or statistics.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 in UT Dallas math courses.
  • Overall GPA of 3.0


  • Help students understand math, physics, or statistics by answering questions and explaining concepts.
  •  Help students with concepts in such a way that the student may be able to complete their assignments without doing the assignment for them.
  • Always be attentive to the needs of students.
  • Be clear, neat and precise.
  • Commitment to better your mathematical skills required to help our undergraduate students.

Application Process

Part 1:  Applying through CometCareers

You will need a CometCareers Account, so if you don't have one, create one.

  • Log in to your CometCareers account.
  • Upload your resume and an unofficial transcript
  • Click on the “Opportunities”
  • Select “Part-time On-Campus Jobs”
  • Enter Job ID: 85621
  • Complete and upload the Math Lab Employment Application
  • Click the submit button to apply for this position

Note: Make sure you submit ALL components of the application. You will not be considered until you have done so

Part 2: Preliminary Exam

This 14 problem multiple choice exam tests knowledge in the calculus sequence

The exam will be hosted on a Saturday morning. Time and location will be provided should you be selected. Candidates are not allowed reference books or notes of any kind.

Part 3:  Tutor Candidate Exam

This 15 problem exam tests knowledge in the calculus sequence, linear algebra, and differential equations. This exam will be hosted on a Friday morning. Time and location will be provided should you be selected.

There is the option of taking a Statistics, Physics, or Upper Level Math version. This will include questions pertaining to that subject.

Candidates are allowed to use reference books and a scientific calculator. Tutor candidates may NOT use computational engines like wolframalpha.

Part 4: Oral Exam

Tutor candidates are given 6-10 problems to take home, should you be selected. Candidates are then asked to return at a later date and demonstrate solutions to these problems on the board. There is the possibility of additional problems/concepts asked.