The Financial Aid Award Letter and Shopping Sheet

UT Dallas Award Letter

Award Letter

The financial aid process can be confusing. Schools use words that can have different meanings than you usually find in English. For example, the prepared financial aid offer is your financial aid “package” and the Office of Financial Aid sends this to you in an “award letter.” The award letter tells you how much you have been offered and from which programs. For a more detailed explanation of the typical information you can expect in your award letter, please see our example.

UT Dallas Shopping Sheet

Shopping Sheet

You may also receive a Shopping Sheet from the Office of Financial Aid. The Shopping Sheet is a tool to help you compare the costs and financial aid offers from different colleges and universities. The Shopping Sheet’s format will be consistent between colleges, but not all schools have adopted it for 2013-2014. UT Dallas is proud to be using it in the first year of its implementation. Please see our detailed example.

Contact Us

UT Dallas has a team of professional financial aid counselors who can help you with any questions you have regarding the financial aid process. Our contact information is available on-line our Contact Us webpage.

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June 28, 2013