Staff Council Awards 11 Scholarships
for Fall 2013

The Fall 2013 Staff Council Scholarship recipients included (back row) Rebecca Newcomb, Kara Leonard, Tara Lewis, Arturo Elizondo, Thea Junt, Anna Moses, Farah Ellenbogen, Monalisa Amidar, (front row) Blair Flicker and Diana Kao.

Staff Council met with a few of the scholarship recipients to find out about their continuing education.

Tara Lewis, Assistant Dean for Arts and Humanities

Lewis has been at UT Dallas for eight years. She started as an Academic Advisor for ATEC and her role evolved. She is working on an Ed.D. in Supervision, Curriculum and Instruction in Higher Education at Texas A&M-Commerce. This has helped her expand her knowledge of instruction and the faculty side of higher education and will give her the ability to pursue career advancement.

Thea Junt, Energy Conservation and Sustainability Manager, Facilities Management

Junt received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Texas A&M. She has been a hazardous waste inspector and worked in environmental health and safety. At UT Dallas, Junt is a department of one and, as she calls it, our “chief tree hugger.” She is continuing her education at UT Dallas and is working on an MBA in Operations. The classes she has taken have already had an impact on her work by providing her with different ways of analyzing information. It has also allowed her to make more connections with faculty and students.

Anna Moses, Assistant Director, Strategic Planning & Analysis

With nine years of experience at UT Dallas, Moses works with a great deal of data and provides reports to state and federal agencies. She is working on a graduate certificate in Business Intelligence and Design from UT Dallas. She said the classes she has taken here have helped her enhance her skills and been very useful in her current position. She finds the data to be very interesting and sees herself as a “data detective.” She said she wants to make sure the data is correct and looks for patterns in the data.

The spring 2014 Staff Council scholarship deadline is February 15. Applications can be downloaded from the Staff Council Scholarship page.



Last Modified: May 29, 2015