Staff Council Scholarship

The Staff Council Scholarship has been developed to further the education of any and all The University of Texas at Dallas staff members in academic or vocational programs.

Applicant’s Criteria

All staff members who meet the following criteria may apply:

  • Attending community colleges, universities or accredited vocational schools
  • Minimum of six months of employment at UTD
  • Benefit Eligible (50% or more)
  • Overall GPA must be maintained as follows:
    • 2.5 GPA - Undergraduate
    • 3.0 GPA - Graduate
  • US citizen or permanent US resident
  • Complete official application by stated deadline

General Guidelines

  1. Scholarships of $250 per awardee, per semester will be granted.
  2. Up to 70% of the scholarship fund may be distributed per semester.
  3. Benefits Committee will select a Scholarship Chair from within the Benefits Committee. The Chair will act as a coordinator and will not be a voting member of the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee will be comprised of all members on the Benefits Committee.
  4. To insure anonymity, all applicants will be assigned a number by the Scholarship Chair. Benefits Committee will evaluate applicants according to the established criteria.
  5. Benefits Committee will recommend the number of scholarships at a general Staff Council meeting for approval of the membership.
  6. Application deadline is September 15th for fall semester and February 15th for spring semester.
  7. Applicants will be notified if they have been selected for a scholarship and will receive said scholarship upon presentation of an official transcript to the committee as proof of fulfilling all required criteria. The transcript is due within 15 days of the end of the fall semester and/or the spring semester.
  8. Funds will be disbursed within 30 days of the end of the fall semester and the spring semester.
  9. Staff Council members and Benefits Committee members cannot participate in the award process if they are an applicant.


Last Modified: May 29, 2015