Animal Services

Location: San Angelo, Texas
Agency: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
Fee: $75
Mode of Transportation: Rental Van
Type of Lodging: On-site ranch lodging (participants provide their own sleeping bag)


Service Projects

Join Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in their mission to provide a safe and loving environment for abused, neglected or abandoned donkeys.

Participants will assist in caring for adoptable donkeys and day-to-day grounds work including, but not limited to, habitat maintenance, construction, organization and cleanup.

2017 Reflection

This ASB trip proved to me how important it is to familiarize myself with a person or situation before making any judgments about them. Donkey's lives are at stake because of our tendencies to dislike and fear the unfamiliar. Thankfully, though, we can work to overcome this mindset. The workers proved to me that there is hope. There are people out there who can see past the stereotypes and work to educate the public to do the same.
-Madeleine Spicer, ASB 2017 animal services participant

Read Madeleine's full experience here.

ASB 2018 Trips

Affordable Housing

Location: Shreveport, LA
Agency: The Fuller Center of Northwest Louisiana

Participants will work alongside the new homeowner and other community volunteers to complete projects for the veteran build.

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Animal Services

Location: San Angelo, TX
Agency: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Assist in providing a safe and loving environment for abused, neglected or abandoned donkeys.

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Disaster Relief

Location: Port Arthur/Beaumont, TX
Agency: Community Collaborations, Inc.

Disaster relief volunteers will be on the front lines, working with first responders to lend a hand in this time of need.

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Environmental Conservation

Location: Galveston, TX
Agency: Galveston Bay Foundation

Serve those affected by manmade and natural disasters in Galveston.

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Global Poverty

Location: Elm Mott, TX
Agency: World Hunger Relief, Inc.

Participants will engage in projects and educational sessions that will introduce them to the experiences of those living in poverty around the world.

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Location: Garden Valley, TX
Agency: Mercy Ships

Join Mercy Ships in their mission to provide free healthcare and improve healthcare delivery systems in the poorest nations.

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LGBT+ & Ally Services

Location: Charlotte, NC
Agency: Campus Pride

Participants will explore issues of privilege, discuss what it means to be an ally, and learn about the state of higher education for LGBT+ people.

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Park Preservation

Location: Liberty, TX
Agency: American Hiking Society & Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge

Participants will assist with park improvement projects and other projects as requested by the park manager.

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Social Services

Location: San Antonio, TX
Agency: San Antonio Food Bank

Help the homeless, at-risk youth, and those affected by poverty in the San Antonio area.

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