Phonetics (SPAU 3343)

This course provides an introduction to the field of modern phonetics. We will cover articulatory, acoustic, and linguistic phonetic theories. Students will also acquire basic transcription skills, with particular attention paid to the language of disordered individuals.
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Speech Science (COMD 6305)

This course provides a review of the anatomy, physiology, and functional organization of speech. The goal is to provide you, the graduate student, with a solid understanding of the mechanisms of normal speech production and perception, so that you may eventually apply this information clinically.
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Aphasiology (COMD 7302)

An overview of current issues in neurolinguistics. We review traditional models of brain and language. We then focus on aphasia, covering classification, symptoms, and etiology. Language is analyzed at each level of the grammar, including phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Speech and praxis are also considered. The goal is to provide an understanding of how linguistic and cognitive theories can be used to interpret the facts of aphasia.
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Proseminar (HCS 6303)

An introductory lecture to the study of brain and language. Readings are updated as needed.