Clinical Applications – Optispeech

Clinical applications image

The Optispeech system has been used to deliver visual feedback for tongue positioning in children with disordered speech due to dysarthria (including cerebral palsy), persistent speech errors, and hearing impairment.  Studies have also examined adults with dysarthria, and we are currently investigating individuals with Apraxia of Speech (AOS).

For More Information:

Vick, J. C., Mental, R. L., Carey, H., Schreiber, N. T., Barnes, A., & Lee, G. S. (2016). Plasticity of the internal model for speech sounds: Articulatory changes during intensive visual biofeedback treatment.The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,140(4), 3226-3226.

Vick, J. C. & Campbell, T. F. A New Electromagnetic Motion Capture System: Measures of Speech Movements Produced by an Adolescent with Dysarthria Resulting from TBI (PDF). Conference on Motor Speech, Savannah, GA, 4-7 March, 2016.