Student Organization Center

SOF Coordinators

SOF Coordinators

The SOF Coordinators (executive board) of the Student Organization Forum (SOF) are hired by the SOF Advisor.

The Student Government (SG) President or Vice-President and the Student Union & Activities Advisory Board (SUAAB) Executive Chair serve as non-voting members of SOF.

SOF Coordinator Job Duties and Qualifications

  • presides over the meetings
  • reviews funding requests with the SOF Advisor
  • creates meeting agendas
  • provides guidance for new student organizations
  • assists with the planning of leadership retreats and workshops
  • recommends improvements and initiatives based on student organization needs
  • Hold ten office hours per week in the Center for Student Involvement
  • assists the SOF Advisor with event planning meetings
  • develops promotional and communicative tools for student organizations
  • Represent SOF to the University, students, administrators, parents, the local community, and other bodies and institutions
  • Weekly meetings with SOF Advisor
  • Attend all mandatory meetings, retreats, and functions (e.g. Freshman Orientation information sessions, Family Day, Homecoming, planning retreats, University-sponsored leadership programs, Advisor Coffees, Election Reception, Advisor Appreciation Luncheon, Student Leader Awards Dinner, etc.) as required
  • Assist as needed or upon request
  • Perform all other duties normally associated with the office or directed by the SOF Advisor
  • Attend all regular and special meetings of the Student Organization Forum


  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better (3.0 or better if you are a graduate student) at the time of application and selection, and maintain the minimum GPA throughout the term of office
  • Must be currently enrolled at The University of Texas at Dallas for a minimum of nine (9) credit hours(six credit hours for graduate students) at the time of application and selection, and throughout the term of office
  • Must not be on disciplinary probation
  • Availability for SOF orientations and meetings and scheduled office hours
  • Previous experience in student organization leadership positions
  • Knowledge of University and SOF operating policies and procedures
  • Familiarity with parliamentary procedure
  • Organized, highly motivated, accountable., and responsible
  • Strong sense of fairness and ability to make decisions


Updated: October 31, 2012