Student Organization Manual



Chapter 3: The Student Organization Forum

The Student Organization Forum (SOF) is a representative body of student organization leaders who work to provide services and support for registered student organizations. With the advisement and leadership of the SOF Advisors, the SOF Student Coordinators works to provide the tools for student organization success.

  In collaboration with SOC staff, SOF offers one-day leadership retreats, bulletin boards, lockers, flyer printing, art supplies, and banners.  These services and activities are coordinated out of the Student Organization Center.


SOF Student Coordinators

The SOF Student Coordinators are hired by the SOF advisors and serve a one year term beginning in the spring semester. 


Requirements for SOF Student Coordinators

  • Hold at least ten office hours per week in the Student Organization Center
  • Represent student organizations to the University, students, administrators, and other members of the campus community
  • Weekly meetings with SOF Advisor
  • Attend all mandatory meetings, retreats, and functions (e.g. Orientation information sessions, Family Day, Homecoming, planning retreats, University-sponsored leadership programs, Student Leader Awards Dinner, etc.) as required
  • Assist other officers as needed or upon request
  • Perform all other duties normally associated with the office or directed by the SOF Advisor
  • Attend all regular and special meetings of the Student Organization Forum and Executive Board


Qualifications for SOF Student Coordinators

  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better (3.0 or better if you are a graduate student) at the time of application and selection, and maintain the minimum GPA throughout the term of office
  • Must be currently enrolled at UT Dallas for a minimum of nine (9) credit hours (six credit hours for graduate students) at the time of application and selection, and throughout the term of office
  • Must not be on disciplinary probation
  • Availability for SOF orientations and meetings, scheduled office hours (for SOF President candidates, must also be available for Student Government meetings)
  • Previous experience in student organization leadership positions
  • Knowledge of University and SOF operating policies and procedures
  • Familiarity with parliamentary procedure
  • Organized, highly motivated, accountable, and responsible


SOF Student Coordinators job descriptions and duties

  • presides over the meetings
  • reviews funding requests with the SOF Advisors
  • creates meeting agendas
  • provides guidance for new student organizations
  • assists with the planning of leadership retreats and workshops
  • assists with Organization Fairs during Orientation, Welcome Week, Advisor Coffees, Election Reception, Advisor Appreciation Luncheon, and other University events
  • recommends improvements and initiatives based on student organization needs
  • works in the SOC ten hours a week
  • performs office duties
  • meets weekly with SOF advisors
  • attends SG meetings
  • Assists the SOF Advisors with event planning meetings
  • Develops promotional and communicative tools for student organizations



SOC Meetings

SOC meetings are held once a month for all student organizations. In order for a registered student organization to be eligible for funding and to stay in good standing with the Student Organization Center, the organization must send one representative to the monthly SOC meetings. The purpose of the meetings is to: provide announcements and communications between registered student organization members; provide leadership training; host special guests and campus speakers who can aid student organizations in their program planning and functioning; and provide social and interactive opportunities for networking and community-building.  All meeting dates are posted on line at


Student Organization Funding


The Student Organization Center (SOC) provides two types of funding: Operating Funds and Programming Funds. Operating Funds are reimbursed at 100%. Programming Funds are used to host programs and events on campus that are open to the UT Dallas community. There is no funding available during the summer.


The following will not be provided under Operating Funds:

  • Retroactive Funding: Any expenses incurred prior to date of approval

  • Funding for individual purposes

  • Technical Equipment or Hardware


The following will not be provided under Programming Funds:

  • Funding for food sales (i.e. bake sales, food sales)

  • Department Sponsored Programs: Programs in which the majority of the planning and executing is coordinated by university staff, rather than student organization membership.

  • Literature Distribution: Events in which literature or material is passed out with limited interaction, or in which participants are merely passers-by

  • Fundraisers: Events in which money will be raised for the organization/individual or for a philanthropic organization

  • Member only programs




Operating Funds


Student organizations that are registered and in good standing with the Student Organization Center are eligible to  request operating funds to be used for expenses necessary to maintain the organization throughout the year. Operating funds should be requested two weeks in advance of the event using the Operating Funds request form on OrgSync. Submit the request at



Tiered Funding


Student organization operating funding will be on a tiered system. The chart below explains the tiered funding system. These categories include:

  • Established organizations: Those organizations that have been in existence for one year or more and have renewed the organization by the set deadline. Established organizations receive $300.00 per academic year.

  • Re-Established Organizations: Those organizations that were previously registered, but have been inactive for one year or less. Re-established organizations receive $200.00 per academic year.

  • New Organizations: Those organizations that have been in existence for less than one year. New organizations receive $200.00 per academic year.



Programming Funds


Student organizations that are registered with and in good standing with the Student Organization Center are eligible to apply for programming funds. Programming funds requests should be completed a minimum of two weeks in advance of the event using the Programming Funds Request form on OrgSync. Submit the request at These funds may be used to host on-campus events that are open to the UT Dallas community, and that fall into one of the following categories:


  • Community Building

  • Diversity

  • Entertainment

  • Educational Programs

  • Academic

  • Personal/Professional Development



Other Benefits

Each registered student organization will receive 5 free poster prints per academic year from SOC. Once the 5 free poster prints have been exhausted, you may use your operating funds to purchase additional posters.


SOC will pay for the media services associated with meetings.


After being officially registered for (1) academic year, every new organization is eligible for a banner.

SOC will purchase the first banner at no charge to the student organization.

If the banner is lost or damaged your organization will be responsible for the payment to purchase a new banner. SOC funds may not be used for the replacement of a lost or damaged banner.

After being officially registered for (1) academic year, every new organization is eligible for a bulletin board. If a bulletin board is not available, your organization will be placed on a waiting list and notified when a board is available.

Student organizations may also request to use their operating funds to purchase t-shirts. SOF, the student organization forum, will not pay for home made t-shirts ( iron-ons, t-shirt paints, markers, etc.) or reimburse your organization for t-shirts that were not approved prior to purchase.

Please note that T-shirts bearing the UTD name in any shape, form, or fashion, must be purchased from an approved UTD vendor: You can see the list of vendors at



Process for Reimbursement

Operating Funds


Operating Funds are reimbursed at 100%. Once you have been approved for funding, you may begin spending money for your group or event. Once your event has occurred you will fill out an online reimbursement form and submit your original receipts to the Student Organization Center no later than five (5) business days after the event.


The reimbursement form can be found at

Original receipts must be neatly taped to a blank sheet of paper and physically brought into the Student Organization Center. Only cash expenditures spent from the student organization bank account or a student organization member will be reimbursed.


Programming Funds


Payment arrangements will be discussed in a Campus Activities Risk Evaluation (C.A.R.E.) meeting. Should your organization need to be reimbursed for expenses, complete the reimbursement form and turn in all original receipts to the Student Organization Center no later than five (5) business days after the event.Reimbursement paperwork is available in the Student Organization Center. No monies will be reimbursed until the post event evaluation has been completed.



SOF Special Events

Throughout the year, the SOF Student Coordinators work to support exciting special events for students.  The Coordinators are instrumental in implementing the Cometville Carnival which showcases student organizations and departments to the campus community.  SOF sponsors the annual Homecoming Parade and prizes and supports student organizations financially to pay for their floats.  The Coordinators make recommendations and suggestions for leadership retreat activities and work to bring social and networking opportunities to students organizations.




Updated: October 21, 2016