Green Initiative

As defined by Student Government resolution, the Green Initiative is aimed at improving campus sustainability. This might include things like infrastructure and efficiency projects; recycling and waste water reduction efforts; expanding mass transit availability; sustainability-oriented internships, scholarships and research grants for students; student-focused and sustainability-oriented assistantships/staffing; or other sustainability initiatives as proposed by students.

SG's first Green Initiative is financed exclusively from an allocation of funds from the Student Government executive committee budget.

Green Initiative Chair: Ashley Levy
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to apply for a Green Initiative project grant but have questions? We're here to help. If you have questions beyond those listed, please contact us at [email protected].

When are applications accepted?

The Green Initiative committee currently is awarding grants for 2015-16. The deadline for applications is Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Are grants awarded outside of the regular funding cycle?

No. Funding will be awarded once for 2015-16.

How does the committee determine funding?

Once applications are received, Green Initiative committee members evaluate the applications using our Assessment Tool as a guide. The committee then meets to discuss funding specific projects. Projects may be funded in full, partially or not at all, at the discretion of the committee.

The committee adheres to the following guidelines, set forth in our bylaws. Green Initiative projects should:

  • Advance sustainability on campus.
  • Enhance environmental and societal sustainability in one or more of the following areas: energy, water, waste, buildings, transportation, purchasing, grounds, food and dining, social equity, social practices, academics and research, or education and outreach.
  • Show proof of approval by relevant campus department(s) prior to receiving funding, and include plans for local, state or federal permitting, if applicable.
  • Include a plan for long-term maintenance and operations, as appropriate.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Have significant student involvement or leadership role(s).
  • Have education, outreach and research components.
  • Are able to obtain matching funds.
  • Clearly articulate the greatest benefit to the UT Dallas community for the least cost.
  • Are collaborative in nature, involving multiple units/departments.
  • Support existing campus sustainability priorities.

I'm a student and have a great idea to improve sustainability on campus. Can I apply?

Yes. This is a Student Government project, and we encourage students to apply. However, in order to ensure funds are being used correctly, we require that student applicants have a faculty or staff adviser to help guide you through the process and oversee expenditures. We also require that relevant campus units approve and support your project prior to funding. For projects improving campus grounds this includes, but is not limited to, Facilities Management.

I'm an alumni/community member with a great idea. Can I apply for a Green Initiative award?

No. Due to University fiscal policies and procurement procedures, we require that the primary contact for a project be currently affiliated with UT Dallas (faculty, staff or student) to be eligible to apply for funding.

I'm having a hard time viewing the application. How can I get them in a different format?

The Green Initiative Application Form is available on Orgsync. However, if you still cannot view the application or continue to have problems, please contact us at [email protected] for other options.

Are attachments and letters of recommendation accepted with the application?

Yes. The committee requires approval from appropriate areas for projects involving, changing or building campus facilities, and letters stating this approval are required for consideration. The committee encourages diagrams, maps and expense quotes as attachments, to give the committee more information in its consideration of your application. Please send any supporting documentation with the same email as your application.

How much detail is required?

The committee expects all areas to be filled out with enough detail to give insight into your goal. You are free to provide attachments, but make sure the application form contains all the important information needed for the committee to make its decision.

My project doesn't hit all of the areas that you mention in the application. Can I still be funded?

Yes. However, the more areas you incorporate, the better chance your project will be awarded funding. Please be realistic in stating the benefits of your proposal in each area. Since awards are funded by Student Government, special consideration is given to those projects with significant student involvement. However, it is ultimately up to the committee to evaluate your proposal against other applications submitted.

Should I look for funding from my department or other sources in addition to the Green Initiative?

Yes. The committee looks favorably on those projects with matching or significant outside funding. Again, it is ultimately up to the committee to evaluate your proposal against other applications submitted.