Senate Committees

Committees are the work-horses of Student Government. They take on projects, investigate and listen to students' concerns, and draft bills and resolutions to be presented to and voted on by the senate.

All senators are assigned to a committee, where they work with the chair and other members on the issues or projects at hand. Students' concerns can be addressed more effectively if they contact the committee chair to which their issue pertains.

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee Chair: Jonathan Schueler

Academic Affairs deals with problems related to classes, supplemental educational opportunities, and academic policies issued by the University. We seek to improve Comets experience in the classroom. Some of the projects we have worked on in the past:

  • Expanding Language Opportunities
  • Increasing the Acceptance of AP Credits for incoming freshman
  • Town Hall Meetings with the Deans of Each School
  • Advocacy for an Environmental Fund
  • Core Curriculum- working to get more classes that satisfy the COMM 1311 Requirement

Communications Committee

Communications Committee Chair: Alex Holcomb

The Communications Committee takes primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective mediums of communication between students and the senate body. Social media visibility, and project advertisement are two of the main responsibilities of the Communications Committee. The Committee's goal is to fully integrate these efforts through service to the University mission and vision. Past projects include:

  • President's Brunch
  • Boothing
  • SG Video Series
  • Social media coordination

Graduate and International Affairs Committee

Graduate and International Affairs Committee Chair: Adam Richards

As the GIA committee we advocate for the concerns of both the international and graduate student populations at UTD. We do this through close corporation with the International Center, various school departments, and cultural groups on campus. As a result of these relationships, we've been able to institute multiple recurring campus events and permanent resources for students to use. Some examples of these include:

  • International Student Airport Pick-Up
  • Networking events
  • Information sessions
  • Changing the Comet Cruiser bus route to include Wal-Mart on Fridays

Legislative Affairs Committee

Legislative Affairs Committee Chair: Ben Darling

The Legislative Affairs committee works to ensure that students are educated about policies that affect them on the local, state, and national level. They also act as a voice for students when there is legislation that could potentially affect the well being of students. Additionally, they work to provide students with pertinent information if they were to ever get into a legal situation. The projects that they have worked on and are working on include:

  • Know Your Rights Cards
  • Resolutions representing the student bodies voice to Texas State Senate
  • Registering students to vote
  • Rock the Vote
  • Campus correspondence with representatives

UT Dallas encourages students to participate in federal, state and local elections. Find out more information about the Higher Education Act and how you can register to vote.

Residential Student Affairs Committee

Residential Student Affairs Committee Chair: Zehra Rizvi

As the residential student affairs committee, we serve to make living on campus the best that it can be. We are the go-to for major problems concerning all students who live in the dorms/apartments and a vessel to relay information back to administration. In addition, we come up with unique projects that tailor to UTD student needs or bring innovative ideas from other campuses onto ours. Our overall goal is to make UTD not just a living/learning environment, but also a home away from home. Past projects include:

  • Ice machines in the residence halls
  • Sustainable improvements
  • Rentable umbrellas
  • Charging stations

Student Affairs Committee

Student Affairs Committee Chair: Anu Emmandi

Our committee works with various departments on campus to better the lives of our students, primarily addressing issues related to student life outside of housing or academics. Members of this committee focus on providing new services to UT Dallas students, enhancing existing resources, improving access to current services, and conveying student feedback to various departments.

We have worked with multiple departments in the past including University Police, Dining Services, Facilities Management, Parking and Transportation, the Student Counseling Center, the Student Wellness Center, and the Office of Sustainability. Past projects include:

  • Parking space advocacy
  • TVs in the Dining Hall
  • Credit card attachments to vending machines
  • Student Counseling Center improvements
  • Sustainability projects on-campus

Technology Committee

Technology Committee Chair: Tanuj Tiwari

This committee oversees various resources and tools used by both the senate and students. It is in charge of updating the Student Government website in order to keep information up to date. It also plays a key role representing student interest in the area of university policy regarding technology. Past and Current projects include:

  • UTD App
  • Maintaining message board for student discussion
  • Orion Orientation
  • Amazon lockers
  • Vending machines with technology accessory products

Green Initiative

As defined by Student Government resolution, the Green Initiative Ad Hoc Committee is aimed at improving campus sustainability. This includes items like infrastructure and efficiency projects; recycling and waste water reduction efforts; expanding mass transit availability; sustainability-oriented internships, scholarships and research grants for students; student-focused and sustainability-oriented assistantships/staffing; or other sustainability initiatives as proposed by students.

Ad Hoc Committees

Student Government sometimes forms ad hoc committees to solve or investigate a specific and often urgent issue. Examples include the Textbook Savings Committee, Waterview Internet Inquiry Committee and the Standards Committee.