Senate Committees

Committees are the work-horses of Student Government. They take on projects, investigate and listen to students' concerns, and draft bills and resolutions to be presented to and voted on by the senate.

All senators are assigned to a committee, where they work with the chair and other members on the issues or projects at hand. Students' concerns can be addressed more effectively if they contact the committee chair to which their issue pertains.

Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee Chair: Nikki Prattipati

This committee serves as a liaison between students and university administrators and faculty regarding academic policies and issues. The committee functions as an outlet to voice student opinion and to facilitate further development of educational opportunities.

Past projects include:

  • Advocacy for the environmental studies minor
  • Town Hall Meetings with the Deans of each school
  • Dance Program Enhancement
  • Expanding language options
  • UTD Comet Textswaps
  • Residence Hall Piano Alumni Fund Proposal
  • Working to promote better cooperation between students and academic advisors

Communications Committee

Communications Committee Chair: Eric Chen

This committee handles SG public relations. We focus our effort on two major roles: presenting Student Government to the UT Dallas campus and presenting the University to the community.

SG advertisements are handled by this committee, as well as:

  • Integrating ideas to involve the student body
  • Making efforts to give UT Dallas better representation in the surrounding community
  • Working in conjunction with other SG committees, student organizations or the UT Dallas administration on events and ideas for change

Graduate and International Affairs Committee

Graduate and International Affairs Committee Chair: Jason Waye

This committee helps both graduate and international communities. In the past the Committee has worked to provide ISBNs online, to inform students about changes in grading policies, and to provide the administration with feedback from students. In addition, the Committee sponsors a table during International Week and organizes events to help provide information and foster a sense of community in both sectors.

Past projects include:

  • International Student Airport Pick-Up
  • Networking events
  • Information sessions
  • Changing the Comet Cruiser bus route to include Wal-Mart on Fridays

Legislative Affairs Committee

Legislative Affairs Committee Chair: Rebecca Tjahja

This committee serves as a liaison between students and lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels. It also informs students about new bills and resolutions that affect them directly.

Past projects include:

  • Voter registration drives
  • Keeping in touch with representatives while Legislature is not in session
  • Bringing to Senate proposed legislation that will be introduced in the next session

Residential Affairs Committee

Residential Affairs Committee Chair: Danni Yang

This committee works proactively to solve student concerns with the on-campus housing. In addition, it works to help commuter students and serve their specific interests.

Past projects include:

  • Sustainable improvements
  • AT&T Wireless Internet refunds in Waterview
  • Graduate Housing

Student Affairs Committee

Student Affairs Committee Chair: Sammy Lutes

This committee handles issues relevant to student life outside of academics and housing. It focuses on providing new and exciting services to UT Dallas students and helping the student body stay informed about important issues.

Past projects include:

  • Parking space advocacy
  • TVs in the Dining Hall
  • Credit card attachments to vending machines
  • Efforts to improve sustainability on-campus

Technology Committee

Technology Committee Chair: Dhiren Kisani

This committee oversees various resources and tools used by both the senate and students. It is in charge of updating the Student Government website. It also plays a key role representing student interest in the area of university policy regarding technology.

Past projects include:

  • Maintaining message board for student discussion
  • Updating the Student Government website
  • Orion Orientation
  • Removing "student" from e-mail addresses
  • Digital Thermostats

Ad Hoc Committees

Student Government sometimes forms ad hoc committees to solve or investigate a specific and often urgent issue. Examples include the Textbook Savings Committee, Waterview Internet Inquiry Committee and the Standards Committee.