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Student Senate

The Student Senate is a diverse body of senators from each academic classification and school. With the exception of officers, each senator sits on a standing committee. Each senator is either elected or appointed to a one year term on the Student Senate. The President and Vice President are elected by the student body. The Secretary, Treasurer, and committee chairs are nominated and selected by the Student Senate.

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UT Dallas Student Government governing documents (pdf):

2017-2018 Officers

JW Van Der Schans, SG President

The president facilitates the senate and executive committee meetings, executes legislation passed by the senate and serves as a representative of the student body to the administration.

Alex Holcomb, SG Vice President

The vice president assists the president with their duties, serves as president in their absence and coordinates internal business of the student senate.

SG Secretary (coming soon)

The secretary keeps a record of all proceedings of the student senate and executive committee in conjunction with the SG advisor. Visit the Meetings page for agendas and meeting minutes.

SG Treasurer (coming soon)

The treasurer provides financial reports to the student senate and publishes a biannual report that describes previous allocations and budgetary status.

2016-2017 Senators


  • Alex Holcomb
  • Jason Waye
  • Anu Emmandi
  • Kay Hood


  • Grant Branam
  • David Mendez
  • Noah Mudd
  • Pooshan Shah
  • JW Van Der Schans
  • Christian Filsouf
  • Uttara Thiagarajan
  • Jonathan Schueler
  • Neel Reddy
  • Tiffany Chu
  • Dhiren Kisani


  • Hannah Hubbard
  • Jake Cruz
  • Yash Chevli
  • Nancy Fairbank
  • HJ Kim
  • Tyler Ortega
  • Andrei Rosu
  • Adam Richards
  • Nidish Lokesh
  • Ravi Lingineni

Graduate Students

  • Megha Bhatnagar
  • Brett Cease
  • Kelsey Savage
  • Chelsea Ellison
  • Badhrinath Santhanam

There are open seats on Senate at this time. Apply for SG Senate »