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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I have to pay for parking? Doesn’t tuition or student fees cover this cost?

Every student, faculty and staff member must purchase a permit to park on UT Dallas property. UTD Parking & Transportation is self-funded.

Student tuition and fees are not allotted for UTD’s parking budget.

Parking permit sales provide us with the necessary funds to build new parking structures, repave parking lots, improve services and provide general maintenance.

How many parking garages are there? Where is PS2? Do I need a separate permit to use the parking garages?

There are currently three parking structures. PS1 on the east side of campus, PS3 on the north side of campus and PS4 on the west side of campus.

PS2 is not built or available at this time. PS2 is currently still in the planning stage and was not elected to be built at the time of design and construction began on PS3 instead.

Parking structures can be used by any commuter parking permit and no special garage permit is required. Residential permits are not valid in the parking garages.

What if I need to park close to a building to drop off or unload a vehicle?

Loading zones are available throughout campus. Loading zones may be used without a parking permit for up to 20 minutes as long as you have your emergency flashers engaged on your vehicle. Please do not block roads, reserves spaces, crosswalks, etc… when loading and unloading.

Download a Map of Campus Loading Zones (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

Where is the free parking?

There is no free parking on the UT Dallas campus for students, faculty or staff.

For those wishing to use public transportation, there are nearly 2,000 free parking spaces available at the Cityline/Bush Train Station Station Park-and-Ride at 1300 E President George Bush Tpke, Richardson, TX 75082. From there, users may ride the Comet Cruiser bus line to campus, free of charge and with no transit pass nor UTD ID required to ride.

Visitors to the campus may obtain a complimentary one-day visitor pass, valid in Visitor or Green spaces, by presenting a valid photo ID at the Visitor Center and University Book Store (VCB) or at our office (PS3 1.200). Visitors may receive two free permits per week.

We also have Pay-by-Space credit/debit parking meters available in popular areas such as Lot M-West, Lot G, Lot F and on the first level of each parking structure.

How does Visitor parking work?

Visitors to the campus may obtain a complimentary one-day visitor pass from the Visitor Center and University Book Store (VCB) or at our office (PS3 1.200). A current driver’s license must be presented to obtain a visitor pass.

Visitors may receive two complimentary parking passes per week. This will allow visitors to park in any Green space for the date of issuance only.

Visitor permits for the University Commons Residence Halls, University Village Apartments or Canyon Creek Heights Apartments may also be obtained by request. To obtain a visitor permit for a housing guest, both the guest and the resident need to come to the Parking Office (PS3 1.200) with valid photo IDs and the guest’s license plate information. A housing guest may receive up to two visitor passes per week and two overnight parking passes per month.

Long-term visitor permits (more than two weekdays) can be purchased at prorated rates from our office (PS3 1.200). Please note that overnight visitors to on-campus housing are limited to two nights per month, unless written permission is obtained from the student’s housing office.

For more convenient parking, we also have Pay-by-Space credit/debit parking meters available in popular areas such as Lot M-West, Lot G, Lot F and on the first level of each parking structure.

How do I know if there are any parking lot or garage closures?

We have an active Twitter account, @UTDallasParking, that regularly updates any information on parking or garage closures. We also have Twitter accounts for the Comet Cabs (@UTDCometCab) and the Comet Cruisers (@UTDCometCruiser) where we provide updates on new routes, schedule delays, or route detours or cancellations.


How can I purchase a parking permit?

To purchase a parking permit, you will need to provide your vehicle license plate state and number, vehicle make, model, color, and year.

Permits can be purchased online.

You may also purchase your permit in person at our office (PS3 1.200). If you will be coming to our office, a valid state-issued photo ID, driver’s license or student ID must be presented.

If you purchase your permit in-person at our office, please be advised that we do not accept cash or checks. We only accept debit and credit cards.

Permits are required for all vehicles to park on UT Dallas owned or leased property regardless of whether you are an online student, part-time student, full-time student, faculty, staff or visitor.

What about handicap parking?

A UT Dallas Handicap Permit, in addition to a state-issued license plate or handicap placard is required to park in handicap spaces on campus.

Please see our Accessible Services page for more information.

Why do we have different parking permits?

Parking designates different lots based on whether students live on campus, or commute to campus.

On-campus housing parking is separated between the University Commons Residence Halls, University Village Apartments and Canyon Creek Heights Apartments. Apartment and Residence Hall permits are only valid in their specific lots, as well as Green parking in remote parking areas.

Where You Can Use Residential Parking Permits >

Housing students may also purchase a commuter Gold or Orange permit if they choose, but they may not park overnight on the main campus and must return to their on-campus housing parking lot at the end of the day.

For commuters, faculty, and staff, parking is on a progressing scale system with Purple being the highest and Green being the lowest.

  • Purple can park in
    • Purple,
    • Orange,
    • Gold and
    • Green
  • Orange can park in
    • Orange,
    • Gold or
    • Green
  • Gold can park in
    • Gold or
    • Green
  • Green can only park in Green

Commuter students may purchase Green, Gold, Evening Orange or Orange parking permits. Evening Orange allows you to park in Orange spaces after 5:00 p.m. Before 5:00 p.m., Evening Orange permits may park in only Gold and Green spaces.

Staff and Faculty have access to all commuter colors, but also have the option to purchase Purple permits.

Can I get a parking permit if I have unpaid citations?

You may purchase a parking permit with unpaid citations, however outstanding citations may result in your account being revoked and your vehicle being immobilized or towed if parked on UT Dallas owned or leased property. If your vehicle is immobilized, your parking privileges are revoked and you may need to pay your citations first before being able to purchase your parking permit.

What should I do if I have two vehicles? Do I get a second permit for free?

Since UT Dallas permits are DrySeal removable and repositionable, we only issue one permit per customer. You may have up to three vehicles associated with your permit, but only one vehicle parked on campus at any given time. You may move your permit to whichever of your three vehicles you are using on any given day.

You may add a vehicle to your account online by selecting the VEHICLES tab. You may also contact the Parking Office via email or visit our office (PS3 1.200) to add a vehicle to your account. If you would like a permit for each vehicle, you may purchase additional permits at the current rate. We allow up to three yearly permit purchases per customer.

Please note that students living on campus may purchase one residential permit and one commuter permit for their vehicle, but they may have only one vehicle on campus at a time.

The only instances where a second permit is complimentary is if you have an open-air (convertible) vehicle or motorcycle since those permits are not removable and repositionable without voiding the permit. Once proof of ownership is established, we may then issue an open-air permit free of charge.

Proof of ownership of an open-air vehicle or motorcycle can be proven by bringing in documentation such as your insurance card or registration for that vehicle/motorcycle.

How many vehicles can I have registered to my account? Do I have to physically display my permit at all times?

You may have an unlimited amount of cars attached to your customer account but only a maximum of three vehicles per parking permit. Only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time, and it must have a permit displayed at all times.

Vehicles parked on UT Dallas property must display a valid UT Dallas parking permit at all times for the section where the vehicle is parked.

How to Display Your Permit >

What should I do if my vehicle is being repaired and I do not have my permit? What should I do if I have a rental or temporary car?

People who currently have an active parking permit have a few options for temporary permits. Current permit holders may receive up to three one-day passes per semester. These one-day passes will be valid for the same color of spaces as your permit, and you may receive these by presenting a CometCard or driver’s license at the Parking Office (PS3 1.200).

In addition to the one-day passes, current permit holders may also receive one complimentary one-week permit per year. This permit will be valid for the same color spaces as your parking permit.

If you need a temporary permit for longer than a week, you will need to provide documentation.

If your vehicle is being serviced for repairs, you must bring documentation on company letterhead with valid dates of the start and finish of the repairs; your vehicle information must be listed on the company documentation as well. For rental or temporary vehicles, you must provide our office with documentation on company letterhead showing how long you will be using a rental or temporary car. Once this information has been verified, a temporary parking pass may be issued to you.

New cars with temporary plates can still be added onto your account and then updated once the permanent plates are in.

I switch cars often. Can I just tape my permit to the windshield?

Our parking permits are repositionable and removable DrySeal decals so that you may transfer your permit between any registered vehicles. You may peel your parking permit from your windshield and have it affixed to the vehicle you will be using on campus, without the permit losing any of its adhesion. You are required to register your vehicle to your account and your permit to avoid receiving any parking citations.

If your permit is ever damaged or loses its adhesion, please bring it to the Parking Office (PS3 1.200) so we can assess the damage.

A friend of a friend is selling their permit to me; can I keep and use it?

This is highly discouraged. Permits are attached to the account holder. If you are found using someone else’s permit, a very costly citation will automatically be issued and a boot will be put in place to immobilize your vehicle. Your parking privileges will be revoked.

If you come across a lost or stolen permit, please notify our office.

What is the replacement policy?

If you purchase your permit online, and it is not received within 30 days from the date of purchase, you must stop by the Parking Office (PS3 1.200) to receive a complimentary replacement. If your permit is lost due to the permit being misplaced, blown away, thrown in the trash, etc… a replacement permit will need to be purchased at the current rate it is being sold for. All parking permits are considered cash value.

If your permit is lost due to your vehicle being part of an accident or windshield repairs and you were unable to it retrieve your pass, you will need to provide insurance documentation stating your vehicle as a total loss, or service documentation of repairs. Both must be on company letter head with the vehicle information provided.

In the case of your parking permit being stolen, you must provide a valid police report (not a claim ticket or number) with your vehicle information and valid dates of when the incident occurred, to be reviewed by the Parking office.

I am a faculty/staff member and I want to get my permit on Payroll Deduction, how does it work?

If you are a new faculty or staff member that would like to use payroll peduction to pay for your permit, you must first get in contact with your benefits coordinator and ask if you are eligible. Once confirmation is given, then you may come to our office (PS3 1.200) to buy your permit. Otherwise, payroll deduction is only offered when the permits first go on sale.

Can I buy a half-year permit instead of a full-year permit?

We do not sell semester-long or half permits. If you are graduating or leaving after the fall semester, you will still need to purchase a full year permit. However, you may return the permit by Spring Census Day for a prorated refund of the unused semesters.

If you are a faculty or staff member, you may inquire about your eligibility for a prorated refund when you exit UT Dallas.

Office Information and Visitor Passes

What are your office hours?

Current Office Hours >

Permit sales end at 6:00 p.m.

DART passes and visitor passes are available until 9:00 p.m.

My family is coming to visit me at my residence, what do I need to do?

University parking rules are enforced at all University Housing lots. A visitor parking pass is required Monday-Thursday from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A parking pass is not required at University Housing lots after 5:00 p.m. Friday, nor all day Saturday and Sunday.

During enforcement hours, family, friends, and relatives, can obtain a one-day pass from either the the Visitor Center and University Book Store (VCB) or the Parking Office (PS3 1.200) by presenting a valid photo ID.

Only two passes per week may be issued, and the visitor must be accompanied by the student when obtaining a visitor pass for residential areas. Alternatively, students who live on campus can request a permit in advance online for their guests.

A vehicle’s make, model, color and license plate are required for permits longer than one day. Overnight visits are limited to two nights per month, unless permission from your leasing office is granted.

How do I add or update a vehicle on my parking account?

You may add a vehicle to your account online by selecting the VEHICLES tab. You may also contact the Parking Office via email or visit our office (PS3 1.200) and let us know you want to add a vehicle to your account.

You will need to know your vehicle’s license plate state and number, make, model, color, and year of your vehicle to add it to your account.

How do I remove a vehicle from my parking account?

Contact the Parking & Transportation department via email and notify us of the vehicle that needs to be removed. We cannot remove vehicles in person nor over the phone.

Where is the Parking Office located?

We are located in Parking Structure 3, room PS3 1.200, at the intersection of Rutford Ave and Loop Road NW on the North end of campus, East of the Residence Halls.

Our physical address is:

800 N. Loop Rd, Richardson TX, 75080.

Our mailing address is:

The University of Texas at Dallas

Parking & Transportation

800 W Campbell Rd, PS3 10

Richardson, TX 75080-3021


Why did I get a citation?

Check the citation in the “Violation” section to see the reasoning. Some citations are warnings only and are used to inform you of a problem. If you feel you do not deserve the citation then you may submit an appeal online. We do not do any in-person appeals.

Any appeal not granted must be paid online or in person at our office (PS3 1.200). Please be advised, appeals must be submitted within 14 calendar days from the date the citation was issued. However, an appeal does not guarantee an automatic dismissal of the citation.

I parked legally but still got a citation. What can be done about it?

There are various reasons why a citation can be issued. You may be parked in your permit’s designated area, but could be breaking one of our parking rules or policies.

You may appeal the citation online. Again, appeals do not guarantee an automatic dismissal of a citation.

What happens if I do not pay my parking citations? Can you put a hold on my student account?

After 14 days the citation will increase from overdue charges. In addition, the citation will have a recurring monthly late fee that is added, until the balance is paid in full.

Accumulated or overdue parking citations will place a hold on student accounts, thus not allowing a student to receive transcripts or receive their diploma. Faculty and staff may be subject to other disciplinary measures.

I paid at the Bursar, so why is there still a hold/fee on my account?

Bursar payments are not updated on the Parking & Transportation account system. You must contact our department and notify us of your payment so that we can make adjustments.

If you have paid through EZPay you must notify the Parking Office so we can verify your payment and remove the holds.

If you pay through My Parking, your holds should automatically be removed 48 hours after payment.