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This template is for university-wide use for U. T. Dallas departments and offices.

Contribute Use Only

This template is for use within departments or office at The University of Texas at Dallas. Content publishers must use Macromedia Contribute. Contact University Web Services if you have questions about the software requirements.

Note: Some areas are locked and cannot be changed, such as the header and footer. Also, what you see on your screen may be slightly different when posted online.

Using Headings

Use headings to break your content, allowing users to scan your page quickly to find the information that are looking for. Using headers appropriately can save your page from looking like a large mass of text.

Main Navigation

(Top green bar)- These are the main links of your website. You should have between 4 to 8 links here. To add a link to your main navigation area, type in your first link and press ENTER. Repeat this step for the links thereafter.

Local Navigation

(Left, below photo) This area is for the deeper levels of your main navigation. Pressing the TAB key on a list item will move that item one level deeper.

Main Photo

(Top left) The image used in the main photo area must be 206 pixels wide. The height of the image is variable.

Questions About the Template

If you have questions or comments about how to use the template or software requirements contact University Web Services at x4995.

Updated: August 16, 2005