Systems Engineering and Management Systems Engineering and Management

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science & Naveen Jindal School of Management

Faculty Teaching MS SEM Courses

Course Faculty/Instructors
SYSM 6301
Systems Engineering, Architecture and Design
Alix Minden
SYSM 6302
Dynamics of Complex Networks and Systems
Justin Ruths
SYSM 6303
Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty
Monica Brussolo; Carol Flannery; Sonia Leach; Avanti Sethi; John Wiorkowski
SYSM 6304
Risk and Decision Analysis
Alain Bensoussan; Alix Minden
SYSM 6305
Optimization Theory and Practice
Bhanu Kapoor; Mark Spong
SYSM 6306
Engineering Systems: Modeling and Simulation
Robert Gregg; Bhanu Kapoor
SYSM 6307
Linear Systems
Nick Gans; Seyed Omid Reza MoheimaniSteve Yurkovich
SYSM 6308
Sotware Maintenance, Evolution & Re-engineering
Andrian Marcus
SYSM 6309
Advanced Requirements Engineering
Lawrence Chung; Bhanu Kapoor
SYSM 6310
Software Testing, Validation, and Verification
W. Eric Wong; Lingming Zhang
SYSM 6311
Systems Project Management
Shawn Alborz; Jim Szot
SYSM 6312
Systems Financial Management
Nina Baranchuk; Theodore Day; Harini Mittal; David Nowacki; Arzu Ozoguz; Michael Rebello; Carolyn Reichert; Scott Sanderson;Malcom Wardlaw; Harry Wells; Yexiao Xiu
SYSM 6313
Systems Negotiating and Dispute Resolution
Norris Bruce; Padmakumar Nair; Laurie Ziegler
SYSM 6315
The Entrepreneurial Experience
Rajiv Shah; Lakshman Tamil
SYSM 6316
Innovation Within the Corporation
Rajiv Shah
SYSM 6318
Marketing Management & Marketing Systems Analysis
Abhijit Biswas; Norris Bruce; Howard Dover; Thomas Grooms; Dmitri Kuksov; Nanda Kumar; Ashutosh Prasad
SYSM 6319
Business Economics
Bernhard Ganglmair; Ayfer Gurun; Peter Lewin; Stan Liebowitz; Alejandro Zentner
SYSM 6320
Strategic Leadership
Gregory Dess
SYSM 6327
To be Determined
SYSM 6332
Technology and New Product Development
Rajiv Shah
SYSM 6333
Systems Organizational Behavior
David Ford; Maria Hasenhutti; Orlando Richard; Laurie Ziegler
SYSM 6335
Ravishankar Narayan
SYSM 6325
Requirements Development & Integration for Complex Systems
Alix Minden
SYSM 6334
Systems Operations Management – Manufacturing & Service Systems I
(to be determined)
SYSM 6337
Accounting for Managers
Surya Janakiraman
Energy IndustryDefense IndustryTech IndustryEnergy IndustryDefense Industry