Course Faculty/Instructors
SYSM 6301
Systems Engineering, Architecture and Design
Alix Minden
SYSM 6302
Dynamics of Complex Networks and Systems
Justin Ruths
SYSM 6303
Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty
Monica Brussolo; Carol Flannery; Sonia Leach;Avanti SethiJohn Wiorkowski
SYSM 6304
Risk and Decision Analysis
Alain Bensoussain; Alix Minden
SYSM 6305
Optimization Theory and Practice
Bhanu Kapoor; Mark Spong
SYSM 6306
Engineering Systems: Modeling and Simulation
Robert Gregg; Bhanu Kapoor
SYSM 6307
Linear Systems
Nick Gans; Seyed Omid Reza MoheimaniSteve Yurkovich
SYSM 6308
Sotware Maintenance, Evolution & Re-engineering
Andrian Marcus
SYSM 6309
Advanced Requirements Engineering
Lawrence ChungBhanu Kapoor
SYSM 6310
Software Testing, Validation, and Verification
W. Eric Wong; lingming Zhang
SYSM 6311
Systems Project Management
Shawn AlborzJim Szot
SYSM 6312
Systems Financial Management
Nina BaranchukTheodore Day; Harini Mittal; David Nowacki;Arzu Ozoguz; Michael RebelloCarolyn ReichertScott Sanderson;Malcom Wardlaw; Harry Wells; Yexiao Xiu
SYSM 6313
Systems Negotiating and Dispute Resolution
Norris BrucePadmakumar Nair; Laurie Ziegler
SYSM 6315
The Entrepreneurial Experience
Rajiv Shah; Lakshman Tamil
SYSM 6316
Innovation Within the Corporation
Rajiv Shah
SYSM 6318
Marketing Management & Marketing Systems Analysis
Abhijit BiswasNorris Bruce; Howard Dover; Thomas Grooms; Dmitri Kuksov; Nanda Kumar; Ashutosh Prasad
SYSM 6319
Business Economics
Bernhard GanglmairAyfer GurunPeter LewinStan LiebowitzAlejandro Zentner
SYSM 6320
Strategic Leadership
Gregory Dess
SYSM 6327
To be Determined
SYSM 6332
Technology and New Product Development
Rajiv Shah
SYSM 6333
Systems Organizational Behavior
David Ford; Maria HasenhuttiOrlando Richard; Laurie Ziegler
SYSM 6335
Ravishankar Narayan
SYSM 6325
Requirements Development & Integration for Complex Systems
Alix Minden
SYSM 6334
Systems Operations Management – Manufacturing & Service Systems I
(to be determined)
SYSM 6337
Accounting for Managers
Surya Janakiraman