Take advantage of this opportunity to earn a double degree that can put you in a competitive position to enter or advance your career in finance, health care, cybersecurity, defense and many other high-tech industries. The University of Texas at Dallas is pleased to offer this Double Systems Engineering and Management/MBA degree program to traditional master’s students. Program advising recommends that complete the MS SEM first.

This program allows students to earn a combination of a master’s level specialist degree in systems engineering and management and an MBA together. Both degrees separately would require 36 + 53 credit hours, or 89 credit hours total, but in this program students can earn both degrees with 63 semester credit hours. Pursuing these degrees together offers students a special opportunity to earn a distinctive set of credentials from UT Dallas.

The ECS SEM Program Advisor is happy to answer any questions that you have about the double degree program.


UT Dallas SEM Program