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Transfer Students - Traditional Master's

Are You a Transfer Student Interested in Enrolling in the Systems Engineering and Management Degree Program?

If you are interested in the Traditional Master’s degree in Systems Engineering and Management and want to know if you can transfer credits toward this degree, please read on.

It is possible to transfer up to 9 credit hours from another accredited university as long as the grade in each course was a B or better. The courses must have been taken within the last six years. This is good news if you have already completed some of the coursework that will apply to the degree, which will decrease the credit hour requirements (36 for the MS in Systems Engineering and Management and 63-65 for the dual MS SEM and MBA). Through working with an adviser you can discover which coursework will transfer, if any, and further permissions may also be needed from the faculty member for the course for which equivalence is being sought, and then by the director of the MS SEM program.  If you are a transfer student please make inquiries of the appropriate advising office.

There are so many great reasons to transfer to UT Dallas and enter the Systems Engineering and Management Degree program:

  • Flexible study options, both in terms of scheduling and in degree planning
  • You can study under noted scholars, researchers and industry experts.
  • You don’t need work experience to apply for the Traditional Master’s degree.
  • You will earn a degree that is in demand in a number of high-tech industries, including healthcare, space, defense and finance.

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