There are two ways to participate in this year’s State Employee Charitable Campaign:

1.) Online

2.) By making a one-time check or cash gift


Easy-to-follow instructions are available by clicking here. Campus volunteers will also be available to answer your questions. For more information on the campaign, please contact Molly Papin at 972-883-5353 or

One-time gifts by check or cash

If you would like to make a one-time gift by check or cash, please contact Paula Bratt at 972-883-2151. Checks should be payable to "DFW SECC" and delivered to mailstop SPN10 by Nov. 14.

Payroll deduction via online form

Payroll deductions can be for nine or 12 months (depending on your appointment status). Faculty on nine-month assignments can select payroll deductions for nine months. Faculty using the 12-month pay option will have 12 monthly deductions. There is no one-time payroll deduction.

Deductions will be taken once a month. Biweekly employees will have deductions taken from the first paycheck of the month. Gifts cannot be split into 24 payments on the SECC form.

Deductions will be processed against the first check issued in January 2015. The SECC deductions will be the last deductions taken prior to any direct deposit of pay to ensure that all mandatory insurance and retirement deductions are processed accordingly.

Contributions can be made to as many as six different charities, with a $2 minimum for each charity selected.

Contributions will not be tax-deferred in the payroll system for either FIT or FICA taxes.

Employees who wish to cancel their contributions must do so in writing. Refunds will not be processed for terminating employees.

Staff and faculty members choosing payroll deduction will receive an email acknowledgement. Please keep this acknowledgement for your records.