International Travel Guidelines

Guidelines for Travelers

The Traveler Guidelines offer resources to assess and mitigate your risk:  Research your destination (from vaccination requirements to road safety). Utilize available resources to inform your trip (International SOS and insurance). Set up the University required safety net (from registration of your trip in International SOS to obtaining appropriate faculty/staff or student travel authorization). Take care of health matters. Create a Personal Emergency Action Plan. Learn health and safety best practices to follow during your trip (from who to contact in case of emergency to mitigating risks).

The Traveler Toolkit offers travel advise for: Road Safety. Floods. Water Activities and the Risk of Drowning. Creating a Personal Emergency Action Plan. Traveling with Medications. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Traveling with Electronics. Alcohol and Drugs Abroad. Food and Water Safety. Women Travelers. General Safety and Security Tips for Travelers. LGBTQA Travelers.

International Travel Health and Safety, Student Handbook.  This PDF handbook provides UTD students traveling on behalf of the University with important information on international travel requirements and risk mitigation resources.  It includes a chronological checklist of recommended risk mitigation steps and travel authorization requirements to meet prior to departure; the Traveler Toolkit, Title IX rights and resources, and a fillable Personal Emergency Action Plan (PEAP) template.

To Get Emergency and Travel Assistance abroad while on University Travel call International SOS 24/7 to +1-215-942-8059. Identify yourself as UT Dallas faculty, staff or student.

Guidelines for the RUO

The RUO Emergency/Crisis Management Guidelines offer to RUOs on the ground with a group, definition of a crisis or emergency, steps to take to manage a crisis or emergency, and relevant emergency contacts.

The Non-UTD Traveler Guidelines offer guidelines to RUOs considering taking official guest/volunteers or traveling companions in their program; including definitions, forms these travelers must fill out prior to departure, and their roles. How to manage expenses, minors, insurance, and safety and emergency assistance considerations.

The Education Abroad Program Leader Handbook offers to RUOs guidance on developing and directing international programs.