International Oversight Committee (IOC)

The IOC includes representatives from across campus, including faculty members, administrative leaders, and international travel and risk specialists, and has been established to:

  • Assessment of levels of risk for University International Travel occurring or proposed to take place in High Risk areas, including consideration of the purpose, goals, and value of the travel assessed;
  • Evaluation of risk mitigation plans, including UT Dallas’s ability to assist in an emergency;
  • Committee-level approval of University International Travel to High Risk areas, with the right to re-assess or withdraw travel approval at any time;
  • Participating in the University’s international emergency response, by providing analysis of risk mitigation options when appropriate;
  • Development of guidelines and formulation of policies to maintain the health and safety of UT Dallas Travelers who participate in University International Travel.
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International Risk and Safety facilitates the administrative aspect of the IOC functions.  If you have any questions regarding the IOC functions or want to communicate with this Committee, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

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