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Travel to destinations deemed high risk require review and risk authorization by the International Oversight Committee (IOC) before departure.  Request risk authorization 6 to 3 months prior to departure. If a country does not require risk authorization, it does not mean there are no risks involved.

Enter your destination in the search tool below to determine if your destination requires IOC risk authorization, and learn more about your destination by reviewing the linked U.S. Department of State country sheet and the CDC country information page. Additionally, you can request a tailored risk assessment from the team of ISOS security experts in two easy steps, and learn about recent identified risks by official sources thorough the International Risk and Safety News site.

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The information in this page intended as general guidance for UT Dallas travelers.  It is reviewed by International Risk and Safety on a regular basis. This information is subject to change without prior notice. If you have questions or see the need for an update e-mail [email protected].