The Center for Lithospheric Studies

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The Center for Lithospheric Studies

The Center for Lithospheric Studies is a research institute devoted to the study of the lithosphere through geophysical and geochemical means. The Center operates in close cooperation with the Department of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Dallas. The UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium is an industrial consortium of oil, service, and computer companies that was formed in 1987 for the support of research in exploration and reservoir geophysics at The Center for Lithospheric Studies (CLS) at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). 2017 is our 31st consecutive year of operation.


Active Sponsors can access the software and papers produced in the current year. You can access the information of the year selected provided you were an active sponsor for that year and you submit a valid user ID and password for the year selected.


Graduate students have the access to all the resources available in the Center for Lithospheric Studies.

Research Projects

Current research emphasizes seismic applications to reservoir characterization, wide-aperture and AVO processing, 3-D imaging, and multi-component seismic data analysis, but is not confined to these areas.You can find the list of ongoing research projects here.

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