The Center for Lithospheric Studies

Research projects during 2015-16


Name Research Topics
Sasmita Mohapatra    

GPR Study of Matgorda Island : Sedimentological interpretation.
Optimization of data acquisition to optimize the wavenumber illumination for target oriented FWI.

Donald MooreCluster hardware development
Qunshan Zhang (Collabator)

Multipathing P-S wave decomposition.

Ting GongProcessing of complicated land data with strong topography and near surface effects.
Hu Jin

Velocity analysis in the focal point domain.
Options for calculating wave propagation directions in angle domain image gathers.

Xinfa ZhuModeling, migration and inversion of post-critical seismic reflection data.
Spherical wave reflection coefficents.
Inversion of phase variation with angle.
Xin FuSeparation of overlapping wavefronts.
Xiaoyu Zhang Multipathing in the Angle-Depth-Image time domain.
Bao Nyugen

Source wavefield reconstruction for reverse-time migration.
Excitation amplitude image condition for RTM.

Matt McChesneyFracture mechanics and it's seismic expression in hydraulic fracturing.
Hai Gao

Fast calculation of wavepaths for model updates in FWI and tomography.

Li RenFWI of near-surface data.
Roberto Falcon   

Full-wavefield inversion for structure and anisotropic parameters.
Inversion of elastic tensors for crack/fluid properties.

Zabi Khaxar      

Characterization of porosity and permeability in barrier island reservoir / acquifer analogs.
3-D elastic ADCIGs.

Matt Browning    

Applications of Sobolev gradients.

Mohammed Alkharji     

Inversion of fracture properties from elastic tensor data.

Peng Guo    

Modeling/Inversion/imaging for visco-elastic media.
Estimation of fluid permeability from anisotropy of seismic attenuation.

Wenlong Wang    

Use of attenuation for P-S wave separation.
Elastic RTM and velocity analysis.

Xiao Liang    

3-D printing for geoscience model building.

Yulang Wu    

True amplitude recovery in extrapolation.

Marianne Reyes Boet    

Simultaneous inversion of 3D data from Angola.

Chen Tang    

Angle-gathers from multi-directional slowness vectors.
Angle-dependent FWI for acoustic and elastic 2D with extensions to 3D and anisotropic.

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