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Information for potential sponsors of the UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium

The UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium is an industrial consortium of oil, service, and computer companies that was formed in 1987 for the support of research in exploration and reservoir geophysics at The Center for Lithospheric Studies (CLS) at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). 2017 is our 31th consecutive year of operation.

We have a well established research program with state-of-the-art computing facilities and a demonstrated productivity record that ranks with the best in the world. Current research emphasizes seismic applications to reservoir characterization, wide-aperture and AVO processing, 3-D imaging, and multi-component seismic data analysis, but is not confined to these areas.

The group involved is under the direction of George McMechan and consists of a research associate, one computer manager, one administrative assistant, and 12 graduate students. Computing facilities in the CLS include 15 Linux workstations, 6 Mac workstations, stations, and a variety of black and white, and color plotters. Our main computational engines are two Linux clusters (one is a Blade Chassis Cluster with 192 Intel Xeon 5600 processors, and one is a network of workstations). All software projects include optimization for parallel processors.

Our approach to research is a practical one; problems are defined largely on the basis of current industry needs. Our main strength is in algorithm development. Typical projects include all aspects of conceptualization, implementation, testing and application to field data.

A major difference between this consortium and most of the others that exist today is that our sponsors, throughout each year, receive fully documented and tested software as well as preprints of all completed projects as they become available. A comprehensive project report is provided near the end of each calendar year, and the annual meeting is in the first week of March.

The subscription rates are $35,000 per year for a full sponsorship, or $25,000 per year for an associate sponsorship (associate sponsors do not receive software). The current term is January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017; sponsorship may begin at any time.

The SEG awarded the UT Dallas Consortium director the Maurice Ewing Medal at the 2012 SEG Meeting and Kauffman Gold Medal at the 1997 SEG Meeting for advances made at UT Dallas in seismic algorithm development. This is a clear validation of the quality of the work being done through the consortium, and the significant impact it is having throughout the industry.

George A. McMechan

Professor of Geosciences,

Director of Center for Lithospheric Studies,

Director of UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium

phone : (972) 883-2419

email : [email protected]

fax : (972) 883-2537

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