The Center for Lithospheric Studies

Geophysical Consortium

The UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium is an industrial consortium of oil, service, and computer companies that was formed in 1987 for the support of research in exploration and reservoir geophysics at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

General Information for Sponsors

If you want to apply for sponsorship of the Geophysical Consortium or to learn more about us, please access more information.

Active Sponsors

Active sponsors can access the papers, software and power points from the annual meetings by providing their login credentials here.

List of Software

Click here for the list of software available from the UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium.

Computing facilities

The UT Dallas computing facilities provide a professional research environment for students and helps them to acquire ample hands-on experience. Both locally and at the TACC, we have substantial computing facilities.

Technical Papers

Recent technical papers delivered to the Sponsors through the UT Dallas Consortium are listed here.

Research Projects

Ongoing Consortium research projects (during 2016-2017).

Employment of former students

List of students who received Consortium support and their current employers.

Consortium meeting topics

You can find the agenda and topics discussed in recent consortium meetings.

Consortium Agreement

Download the Consortium agreement here.


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