The UT Dallas Office of the Registrar can notarize transcripts and diplomas for the purposes of authentication or Apostille, but does not apply Apostille on documents. Once you have received your notarized document, you must initiate the Apostille process yourself through the Texas Secretary of State. You can find more information about this process on the Secretary of State’s website.

Notarization of Transcripts

Please note that delayed processing options such as ‘Hold for Degree’ and ‘Hold for Grades’ are not available for notarized transcript orders. Please be sure your grades are posted prior to ordering your notarized transcript.

If you are a recent graduate, please make sure that your degree and/or all final grades have been posted. Depending on the volume of transcript orders our office receives, it may take up to 3-4 weeks after commencement for your degree to show up on your transcript. You may email [email protected] if you have questions regarding when your degree conferral date will show up in your transcript.

If you wish to order a notarized transcript, please follow these steps:

  1. Order an official transcript.
    1. Students who have access to Galaxy may place an order for an official transcript using the Orion Self-Service link in the Galaxy portal. Once logged in, choose the “Order Official Transcript” link under Orion Self-Service.
    2. Students who no longer have Galaxy access need to order official transcripts through the UT Dallas Transcript Storefront.
  1. Email [email protected] with your order number immediately after you order the transcript. This is very important!

Once we receive your order number, we will process, notarize, and mail your transcript to the address on the order.

Notarization of Diplomas

The UT Dallas Office of the Registrar can either notarize the original diploma you received as part of your degree, or you may order another diploma to be notarized. Note that we cannot notarize your original diploma until after you have received it. Regular processing time is 3-5 business days after receiving the order, but orders may take longer during periods of high volume.

Notarization of your original diploma

If you want your original diploma notarized, please follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected], as we will need to set up an appointment with our notary.
  2. Once an appointment has been confirmed, you will need to provide us with the following:
    1. Your original diploma;
    2. A signed and dated letter consenting to the notarization process;
    3. A valid copy of your state-issued photo ID;
    4. If the diploma needs to be mailed, please include a pre-paid envelope with the address to which you wish to send the notarized document. The envelope will need to be large enough to accommodate an 11″x14″ diploma

You may bring these documents to the front desk at the Student Services Building in person and request they give it to the Registrar’s Office for diploma notarization. If you do not live in the local area, or you are unable to come in for an appointment, you may mail the diploma, signed letter of consent, photo ID copy, and prepaid envelope to our office at the following address:

The University of Texas at Dallas
Office of the Registrar
Attn: Diploma Notarization
800 W. Campbell Rd., SSB13
Richardson, TX 75080

Notarization of a new diploma

If you want to notarize a new diploma copy, please follow these steps:

  1. Order a diploma through the
  2. The diploma will be notarized and shipped to the address you provide in your order.

Once we receive your order, we will process, notarize, and mail your diploma to the address on the order.