Audit a Course


Auditing allows a student to observe the instruction of a course without earning credit. Auditing grants the privilege of hearing and observing course information. Participation, discussion, and access to online materials is at the discretion of the instructor.

Computer Science & Engineering, Geoscience, Physical Education, Creative Writing, Foreign Language, Studio/Ensemble, Thesis, Dissertation, Online, and Hybrid courses, and any course(s) that charges a lab fee may not be audited.

Steps to audit a course:

  1. Use Course Lookup and check to see if the course is still available.
  2. Obtain the Application to Audit a Course from the Office of the Registrar at the Welcome Center in the Student Service Building.  The application is distributed beginning the first day of the semester through the full-term session census day.
  3. Fill out the top portion and course information on the application.
  4. Take the application to the instructor for written approval.
    1. Remember that some courses cannot be audited.
  5. Take the completed application to the Office of the Registrar at the Welcome Center in the Student Service Building for processing.
    1. Deadline to submit the application form is the full-term census day for the semester. Census day can be found in the Comet Calendar.
    2. Bring your picture-id for processing.  If over 65 years of age, a government issued ID showing date of birth will be required. If under 22 years of age and not a current student, vaccination documentation is required.
    3. If you plan to audit a graduate course, transcript proof of undergraduate degree is required.
  6. Once processed, proceed to the Bursar’s Office and pay the non-refundable audit fee and purchase a mandatory non-refundable parking decal. Please visit the Bursar’s website for information on fees.