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Reservations & Rentals

Students at the Auxiliary Gym

Facility Rates

  University* Non-University*
Auxiliary Gym $75 $125
Climbing Wall $15 per person (four hours max) ** N/A
Main Gym (three courts) $100 per court $150 per court
Multipurpose Room Green $50 $100
Multipurpose Room Orange $50 $100
Natatorium $75 + $15/lifeguard $150 + $15/lifeguard
Outdoor Basketball Courts (3) $50 per court $100 per court
Visitor's Center/Bookstore Atrium $75 N/A
Soccer/Softball Field No Charge Electronic Form
*All rates are hourly. Additional costs: security, set-up, tear down, chairs, stage, floor covering, staff, etc.
**minimum of 10 climbers, maximum of 20

Forms & Policies

Field Reservations

Please fill out the following Electronic Form for all field reservations.

Camping Rental Information

Equipment List & Rates

Item Daily Rate Retail Replacement
Sleeping Pad - closed cell foam $1 $9
Camping Tarp - 9'x12' $2 $15
LED Lantern $2 $15
Air Mattress - (Twin Size) $3 $30
Ice Chest $3 $45
Sleeping Bag $3 $60
2-Person Tent $4 $70
4-Person Tent $5 $130
Hammock $3 $105


2-Person Package Daily Rate 4-Person Package Daily Rate
2 Sleeping Bags
2 Sleeping Pads
2-Person Tent
Camping Tarp
LED Lantern
Ice Chest
($19 Value)
4 Sleeping Bags
4 Sleeping Pads
4-Person Tent
Camping Tarp
LED Lantern
Ice Chest
($28 Value)
w/ 2 Air Mattresess (No Sleeping Bags or Pads) $12
($17 Value)
w/ 2 Air Mattresses & 2 Sleeping Bags and Pads $20
($29 Value)


Late Fee - Items are considered late if not returned to Recreation Center West by closing on due date.  Daily rental rate/day/item up to 7 days.  After 7 days, see Damaged/Lost fee.

Damaged/Lost Fee - Equal to repair or retail replacement, plus shipping.

Dirty/Cleaning Fee - $10/item if deemed beyond "normal."

General Policies

  1. All Rental Equipment is available to current UTD students and University Recreation members upon presentation of a current Comet Card. Non-members, community users, and guests are not permitted to check out equipment.

  2. Equipment can be rented from the control desk at Recreation Center West and is available on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability. Reserving rental equipment is not allowed.

  3. Equipment may be rented for a maximum of 7 days.

  4. The individual signing the Rental Agreement accepts responsibility for the equipment and any fees or charges that may incur.

  5. Payment in full is expected at the time of pick-up. Credit card is the ONLY form of payment accepted; no cash, check, or UT Dollars.

  6. No credit or refunds will be issued for items rented but not used or for early returns.

  7. Daily rates are determined by a 24-hour period.

  8. Individuals abusing equipment or not following procedures may be ineligible to rent equipment in the future.

  9. Returns and Fees:

    • To return equipment, please return to the control desk in Recreation Center West during normal operating hours (at least 30 minutes prior to closing). Equipment returned to the Activity Center will not be accepted or be considered returned equipment.

    • Equipment is to be returned in a clean and operational condition. Items returned soiled or excessively wet will be charged a Cleaning Fee.

    • Damaged or lost equipment will be assessed fees at the current retail rate for repair or replacement.

    • Equipment returned late will be charged Late Fees.

General Care & Recommendations

University Recreation recommends that renters have prior knowledge and experience using outdoor camping equipment. Before you go, remember…
  • Check for proper equipment and its function before you leave.

  • Research the activity area. Know the terrain, weather, and conditions to be encountered.

  • Have an Emergency Plan. Let someone NOT attending the activity know the destination, expected return, and the plan just in case.

  • Know your limits and abilities. You cannot rely on being "just a phone call away" from help.

  • Take care of natural areas. Follow Leave No Trace minimum impact guidelines.

Upon your return…
  • Notify staff of any damage or missing pieces.

  • Do not attempt to repair equipment in your possession as this may cause further damage.

Tent Usage

  • Check tent for proper parts prior to using.

  • Never allow tent to come into direct contact with heat sources (I.e. fire, stove, gas lantern, etc.). Tent material is highly flammable.

  • Do not wear shoes/boots or allow pets inside tent. This may cause rips and tears to the floor.

  • Do not store food in the tent. Animals attracted to food can cause serious damage.

  • Do not smoke in tents. Nylon is flammable and will absorb the odor.

  • Be gentle. Do not force zippers, straps, and buckles.

  • Secure the tent to the ground. Wind can cause serious damage to an unsecured tent.

  • Keep tent and storage bags organized.

  • Do not allow the shock cord to snap the pole sections together as this can cause damage to the poles.

  • Before returning:

  • Check that all parts and pieces are included.

  • Tents and tent parts should be returned in the individual storage bags and organized.

  • Clean and air-dry tent to avoid additional fees. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.

  • Do not wash tent in washing machine.