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The Fitness Program consists of the fitness center in which visitors to the Activity Center can choose from 39 pieces of cardio equipment, two areas of free weights and several plate-loaded machines to get the workout desired. For those looking for a new twist on their traditional workout, take one of our many group fitness classes or sign up for personal training.

Fall Into Fitness

Our Group X Class Challenge is finally here! 5 weeks, 20 classes from Aug. 29 - Oct. 2. The goal is for each participant to attend as close to 20 Group X classes as possible. All you need is a Class Tracker Card which can be picked up at the AC, RCW or any Group X class. The more classes you attend, the better the prize! To check out the awesome prizes we have to offer click here. Don't miss out and get your tracker card today!

Group X

Exercise in a group! Trained instructors lead Group X workouts, which exercise your muscles while you have fun at the same time. Whether it's kettlebell, yoga, spin or Zumba, choose something you like and join the group! Check out our schedule today.

Personal Training

The personal training program at UT Dallas is designed to help you with your personal fitness goals whether you want to lose a few pounds or need help designing a workout right for you. Learn more »

Fitness Outreach

Our Fitness program would love to serve you where you are located. Fill out the Fitness Outreach Request in order to bring our program on the road.

Resolution Revolution

Our 6 week Resolution Revolution fitness program is designed to help every Comet achieve their healthy lifestyle goals for 2016. Join Rec Sports and Student Wellness every week from Jan. 20 - Feb. 22 to kick-start your 2016 year of health, wellness and fun! To see an overview of the program click here for event dates and times. We'll be back in 2017!!!!!

students at the fitness center